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The modern day education system is quite different than what it used to be a few years ago. The change is happening each minute and it is happening so fast that it is mind boggling for us to even know the change around us much less digest what it is. The students of today demand a very contemporary mode of education which will be fast enough to complete and carry on to be a professional in the chosen field. In this endeavour of the students, the internet offers remarkable ways of doing simplifying the whole process as far as the search for information is concerned. The use of the internet in all walks of life is understood and the learners and the teachers alike are quite excited about it unlike a few years ago.

The modern students

The students in these modern times are more in favour of speed and the free internet library offers the exact same thing and enables them to do more than just studying. With the help of the internet, students can study as well as carry out jobs in their spare time just because of this help from the internet to save time. They can also save money in the process. It has been found that in the studies conducted on the internet usage; more than seventy percent of the students have agreed that they refer to information sources on the internet than the traditional library. The other aspects of the internet are to supply database to the needy students or scholars wherein they can have access to older manuscripts and reviews to conduct research.


The internet libraries give assistance in more ways than were imagined. First of all, the time is saved for the students and information seeker as opposed to the traditional libraries where you have to travel all way through to the building but now, you can view all the material right at home. The speed of the internet connection decides the speed with which one can download the needed information. The library can be accessed  from anywhere in the world, the free libraries as the name suggests do not charge the user any fee and it is quite an economical way of doing studies. The traditional libraries such as the school, college, or university and private libraries expect a registration fee from the user which is not so in the internet.

The amount of paper work gets reduced as opposed to a traditional library, since the materials are available in the digital or electronic format, one can have it on a small pen drive whereas you have to make copies of the books in a library and it consumes cost and energy. Having copied the needed material one can choose what to copy on paper.

What can be done?

There are many advantages of using an internet resource, and the advantage is taken up by many individuals from all walks of life. It can provide the resources for research, it is advantageous to study about health, online courses can be taken up, professionals such as doctors, teachers, lawyers and service providers make use of it every day on a regular basis. There is a large difference while comparing the traditional libraries such as the cost, amount of paper work, creating an identity card, the library needs enough manpower without which it cannot be operated efficiently, but this hurdle is solved as far as the online libraries are concerned.

The free internet library is the most important advantage of the internet age and has made life easier for many students and professionals.

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