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Managing partitions, although dressed as normal, tends to fed up even the most powerful user when it comes to shortage of space on a drive. You create partitions on your hard drive during your first run and then you just have a slight assumption of the amount of space needed for that drive, nothing concrete. While you move one adding files and folders to your collections, you tend to quickly run out of space on a partition and some other partition will be left with unused space. Re-partitioning is a headache if you don’t have the right tool.

EaseUS Free Partition Manager is a tool designed to cater to the needs of the actions mentioned above. Sometimes it even happens that you run out of space on your C Drive and re-sizing it is not one easy task for the fairly new user. This free tool from EaseUS makes it quite easier to re-size partitions, including C drive, take backups of partitions and perform partition recovery tasks. For learning how to extend C drive in Windows 7, head on to their tutorials section. This is an all-in-one partition manager tool that is widely trusted by over 20 Million people worldwide!

This tool has a wide compatibility support, including the latest Windows 8 and latest IEEE Drivers, so that should be one less thing to worry about. It also allows disk migration to SSD/HDD and offers better compatibility with an SSD drive. You can easily download the free version of EaseUS Partition Manager from their official website.

Partition Manager Tool

Once you have the installation done, you can launch the partition manager and on the opening screen you can have a look at all your partitions and the amount of space left unused. It also displays unallocated disk space which can be added to any single drive.

On the left hand panel, you can access a variety of actions that could be performed as per your requirements. From here, you could perform an array of actions like creating, deleting, re-sizing, merging and splitting of your partitions. You can also switch drives between NTFS and FAT formats without losing data.

Disk and Partition Copy

During disk or system upgrades, it might be better for you to take backups of your partitions. EaseUS partition manager would be of great use for this purpose. You can take backups of your partitions and clone your disks in an instant. You can also move to SSD without re-installation of Windows.

Partition Recovery

This feature is designed to recover deleted or unallocated space on your hard drive. It supports a wide range of unallocated space formats like NTFS, FAT, EXT2 and EXT3 for wider range of compatibility.

Conclusion – Our Verdict

This tool is a must have for every home user who often stumbles at the partitioning process. Making the process simple, yet subtle is what Partition magic is all about!

Our Rating – 5 Out of 5

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