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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the best and most effective free data recovery software to solve all data loss problems – recovery of files from hard drive, external hard drive, memory card,USB drive, mobile phone, tablets, music player, digital camera and many more devices by erasing, formatting, software crash, hard disk damage , Virus attack, partial loss, or other unimaginable factors. It provides a secure, fast, and fully-functioning data recovery solution, well trusted by millions of users. All you need is a few clicks, you can retrieve all your lost data.


Installing Data Recovery Wizard

Data Recovery Wizard is very easy to install and use. This is because the program provides a wizard-driven interface, allowing even beginners to restore photos instantly.

The following guide shows you that it is true. Let”s start!

Download this free data recovery software from the EaseUS website. The file you are downloading is called “drw_demo.zip”. The download should be quick because the installer is zipped and weighs only 4.59 Mb.

Now double-click the downloaded file to start the installation. You will see a “Welcome” dialog asking if you want to continue. Click Next.

The easiest way to make the next window is to use default installation settings. Click on “Next” in all windows of the installer. When you sight the final dialog, check “I want to create a desktop icon”, “I want to start the Data Recovery Wizard” and then click “Finish”.

That”s all! The program is installed and ready for operation. Its icon is on the desktop.

Using  the Data Recovery Wizard

Click the desktop icon “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard” and you will see the window below.

As you can see, the program gives you several ways to restore files, depending on the problem that makes them disappear. Let”s say we lost a picture file and it happened because of a foolish error – we deleted it in the recycle bin and then emptied it. The best way is to click a large button named “DeletedRecovery”. Come, let”s do it!

And you see this beautiful window up. Now you can see all the storage media available on the computer. In our case, there are 4 partitions named “C:”, “D:”, “E:”, “F:”. Because the deleted file was on the “C:” partition, we click to select it. It is also possible to search for the file in the special folder of this partition (see “Search Specified Folder” button above), which is, of course, if you remember the one where the file was kept. Now click “Next” and off you go!

Scanning is fast. In fact, it is 7% -11% faster than any other data recovery software. When the scan is complete, you will see the following dialog.

The found files are displayed as a list. If necessary, you can switch to Thumbnail View mode and display them as thumbnails. For each file, you will see its name, size, file type, modification time, time it was created, last access date, attribute, and state. And of course, what you can see is what you can actually get if you are a registered user. With the registry, you can restore the ability to restore files and save them to the location of your choice.

As you can see, restoring the file using the Data Recovery Wizard is very simple and requires no special skills or technical knowledge. If you are stumbling on difficulties, you can resort to the help system, that can be accessed by clicking on “Help” at the top. We have used a simple situation as an example. But with the same simplicity, you can restore files even in more severe situations, for example, if the partition was formatted.

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