Earn Cash Back on Groceries with These 3 Apps

While most of us don’t aspire to be featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing, there’s nothing wrong with saving a little money on everyday items like groceries. Better yet is saving money without clipping coupons, both on specialty items and on staples like milk, bread, and pasta. Not only will these apps tell you where to find the best deals, but they’ll also pay you back for buying groceries.


If you’ve heard about any singular app for earning cash back, it’s probably Ibotta, which started out as an alternative to digital coupons for buying groceries. Ibotta has now expanded into numerous new territories, including retail, electronics, restaurants, pet supplies, wine and spirits, and home improvement, among others.

It’s easy to use Ibotta. First, tap the offer on your smartphone screen. The app may ask you to read some more information or answer a brief question, after which all you need to do is scan the barcode of the item you purchased and snap a picture of your receipt. There’s a social aspect too, where users can team up to increase savings. Once you’ve hit $5 in cash back, Ibotta will send you the funds via PayPal, Venmo, or as a gift card for popular online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Checkout 51

While this app is similar to Ibotta, teaming the two apps together offers simple and unique ways to save. Unlike Ibotta, all you have to do to use Checkout 51 is take a photo of your receipt and then choose the online coupons you want to match.

There is often some overlap between the two apps – but that just means you get to save twice on the same items. Checkout 51 offers more deals on pantry staples, though, so if you’re buying fruit, veggies, yogurt, or others, you’ll have opportunities to earn cash back anywhere you shop. The company will send you a check once your rebates have hit a total of $20.


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Groupon is one of the latest services getting in on the cash back action with the release of Snap. While the app started out with fewer offers than other favorites, the game has changed. Many Snap deals are offered independent of brand, especially on staple items like apples, bread, and bananas. Other cash back opportunities are more brand-specific, but there’s plenty of diversity with Snap. As with Checkout 51, Snap allows you to “cash out” at $20. When you use this app, you’ll also earn $1 for each friend you refer.

Final Thoughts

Apps are revolutionizing the way we conduct our lives – and that includes how we shop. For those who prefer to do all their shopping in one fell swoop, apps can do anything from helping us discern which businesses are open at which times to allowing consumers to communicate more easily and effectively with retailers.

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