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Are you planning to launch a new brand? or a new business? and want to have an attractive and meaningful logo but don’t know how to design one? Or don’t have the budget to hire someone to do this job. The answer is DesignEvo, they are the best ONLINE LOGO MAKER which lets you design an impressive logo, which costs you less than hiring a specialized GRAPHICS DESIGN person. DesignEvo has many impressive perfectly designed logo templates, catering all different categories like Nature, Food, Fashion, Technology, Business, Education, Music, Art and many more. Whatever you need or whatever concept you have in your mind, you will surely get something which suits you. You can browse through the logo templates and use them to create a new LOGO DESIGN or you can use them for inspiration.
DesignEvo is a very easy and powerful ONLINE LOGO MAKER which allows everyone to design logos that look professional, that too in a hassle free way. It is also available on iOS & Android devices. It is equipped with an inbuilt interface, fully-featured editor and with a rich graphics resource. In case you don’t even know how to use the computer completely or have zero to minimal knowledge about GRAPHICS DESIGN you can still use ONLINE LOGO MAKER to create amazing LOGO DESIGN with ease.
DesignEvo has a built-in graphics search library, which gives you free access to millions of high-resolution logo icons. Just putting some keywords into the search bar, the smart search engine will provide you with umpteen related icon options instantly. DesignEvo also packs up with 100+ logo fonts for you to play around with. There are two types of font styles available- classic and art. Also, all the icons and fonts are customizable which gives you full freedom to build a perfect logo to match your specific needs.

As already mentioned DesignEvo has a wide range of impressive logo templates, there are more than 5000+ logo templates available on different categories which you can use as a base to create a new logo or just for inspiration. Not only this DesignEvo also has a huge built-in library of graphics, which allows you to browse among millions of high-resolution logo icons. DesignEvo also gives you the liberty to work around 100+ fonts used in logo making, there are mainly two styles available one is classic and the other is art. Let me tell you that all the icons and fonts are easy to customize which again gives you the freedom to have an attractive logo.
Design Evo allows you free access to all the features without any registration. Apart from basic editing techniques it also supports advanced techniques like multiple layers management, auto-typeset logo layout, etc. which are needed to create a high-quality logo. The preview mode is worth mentioning, it allows you to preview how your newly created logo would look on different items like visiting cards, letterhead, website and on other materials used for marketing.

Lastly, DesignEvo allows you to save the logo in various normal image formats such as JPG and PNG, vector formats like PDF and SVG. Although the logo resolution depends on your own settings, the maximum logo resolution is 5000 x 5000 pixels.

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