Coolest Automotive Technologies In 2018

Today’s new car buyers would be better off examining the tech specs of the vehicle before ever looking under the hood.  Of course, what’s under the hood still matters, but it is no longer the “driving” force behind the typically new car purchase.

Modern car buyers want to see how their prospective vehicles are equipped for human interaction.  Vehicles built in the technology era have the pressure of living up to the hype, and they most certainly do.  Here is a brief look at some of the coolest automotive technologies available for you in 2018.

Tech tools for safety

Safety is always one of the most significant concerns when purchasing a new vehicle, and today’s technology will not disappoint.  Road safety is a realistic concern.  Check out some of the coolest safety tech.

Rear cross-traffic alert – Backing out of a parking space in a busy parking lot can be a perilous action, but not when you have rear cross-traffic alert systems in your vehicle.


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Your car will do what you simply cannot, and warn you of any obstruction to your path.  Some vehicles are even setup to apply automatic braking, and stop the vehicle autonomously.

Lane departure warning – Everyone finds their mind wandering from time to time while behind the wheel, especially on an extended road trip.  Lane departure is activated when your vehicle crosses over into another lane without first signaling.

Automatic emergency braking – We’re moving closer and closer to autonomous vehicles, and automatic emergency braking was one of the first steps.

Keep tabs on your teenagers

In addition to all of the mobile applications there are to help parents keep tabs on their teenagers, vehicle manufacturers are now building vehicles that come equipped with some crafty conveniences for parents.

Chevrolet’s Teen Driver feature will not only provide a report card of your teen’s driving session, but it will disable the stereo if the seatbelts are not locked in place.  The teen report card will let you know if the vehicle’s ABS or forward collision functions have been triggered by poor driving.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto

The control systems of today’s vehicles can get somewhat complicated and hard to manage while you’re driving, but Apple Carplay and Android Auto are both equally effective resolutions to the issue.

By linking your smartphone through bluetooth to your vehicle’s control display, Apple Carplay (or Android Auto) will take over the stock controls and give you a much more manageable display.

USB Ports and power outlets

With all of the mobile technology we use today, our vehicle have to be designed to keep up with the pace of culture.  Most new vehicles come equipped with several USB Ports and even 119-volt power outlets to charge all your fancy devices.

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