How To Choose a Reliable and Secure Office Instant Messenger?

SoftrosAny company, irrespective of whether it is a massive multinational corporate with thousands of employees or a small family business, needs efficient communication to be successful. Appropriate communication channels save resources and time and result in faster business cycles.

This will, in turn, improve the performance of the organization leading to increased revenues.

Businesses, big or small, often choose to use instant messaging software that is widely available, e.g. Skype, Facebook, Windows Live messenger and AIM IMs, rather than invest in specialized LAN corporate communication suites.

Although this approach may at first glance seem to be the most logical solution to building a big scale corporate communication system, there are a number of potential dangers and flaws that should not be overlooked or underestimated.

The biggest and most obvious danger of internet IMs is that they are vulnerable to hacker and virus attacks. This threatens the security of the company data sent and received internally through these systems. Another negative aspect of public IM applications software is that it runs on external servers to exchange messages. Your employees are therefore dependent on these servers’ stability and may not be able to send or receive messages when one or more servers are down. This scenario is not acceptable for any business application.

Other challenges when using standard IM software includes the requirement to open additional firewall ports which may impact on the security of the organization’s network, data encryption not being implemented, adequate technical support not being available and the occurrence of spam messages and ad banners that accompany virtually all free IM software. Many employees can also not resist the temptation to chat with people outside the company network.

If you are aware of these problems and want alternative communication software that is efficient and will meet your corporate requirements, we suggest you look at Softros LAN Messenger. Softros was designed specifically to meet the requirements of corporate users looking for a stable, user-friendly messaging and file transfer service that incorporates advanced security features.

System administrators will love the fact that they can deploy Softros LAN Messenger on all networked computers automatically by using domain group policies. Softros LAN Messenger features can also be restricted remotely for normal users.

Microsoft/Citrix terminal services are supported by Softros LAN messenger. This makes it possible to launch an individual instance of the software for each terminal user.

This program’s scalability allows it to run equally efficiently on both large enterprise networks and in a small office environment.

All outgoing and incoming data are encrypted and archived at the same time, so messages will never be stolen, lost, or viewed by anybody without authorization. Employees can also be divided into groups with just a few mouse clicks. This allows department specific notifications to be dispatched effortlessly.

Softros LAN Messenger has an intuitive multi-language interface that does not require advanced skills to operate. Users will thus spend less time dealing with technical issues and will start working as a close-knit, coordinated team immediately.

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