Buying an Unlocked Cell Phone

Unlocked phones have become more popular because they save the stress of going through the unlocking process once they have been purchased. Unlocked smart phones are not tied to particular carriers. Hence, people are free to purchase the newest phones and plans whenever they want. Another thing is that they do not come with different pre-loaded applications that users may not need that could take up phone storage. They are the best when it comes to international travel.

Apart from unlocked phones, refurbished phones are equally popular and are increasingly being purchased by a lot of people. Refurbished mobile phones online are commonly purchased by people who are looking for affordable and good phones. There are two types of refurbished phones; there are seller refurbished phones and manufacturer refurbished phones. Manufacturer refurbished phones come directly from a company while seller refurbished phones are reconditioned by the seller.

Manufacturer refurbished phones are more preferable and as good as new phones because they have professional touches that are reconditioned by experts from the company. The phones may come with just a few minor scratches but they work perfectly fine. Buying manufacturer refurbished phone is a best option when compared to the seller refurbished phones.


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In as much as refurbished mobile phones online are all affordable, shiny and just like brand new phones, they have a few limitations. With mobile phones, they may be battery issues seems most android and all iPhones have non-removable batteries. Thus, how will the battery issue be fixed during a reconditioning process? But some people will get lucky with their purchase.

Apart from phones, people need to equally watch out when buying refurbished products like; tablets, printers, hard drives and televisions. They could be good deals and choices but buyers need to check out a lot before any purchase.

Unlocked phone network compatibility

It”s essential to consider how well-matched the network is when settling down for an unlocked phone. All unlocked phones always work GSM networks while universal unlocked phones are accessible to all carriers. Some of the popular GSM networks comprise of AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, Simple Mobile and Tracfone. The GSM network is equally acceptable by most foreign carriers and to access a service, a SIM card from a GSM provider is needed for the unlocked phone.

Benefits of buying unlocked phones

Several latest models of unlocked models including Motorola one are universal thus they can be used internationally. Buyers can choose any carrier they want and all they need is a SIM card to attain this. Here are some benefits to buying unlocked phones.

Save money and get more options.

Some unlocked phones may be more expensive when an upfront payment is required likened to phones sponsored by carriers. But after a while with an affordable data plan, it is less expensive than having a monthly payment plan.

With buying an unlocked phone, users can keep making use of legacy voice, text and data plans. This can people to reserve their funds and permit them to work with a plan they are comfortable with that is payment plans.

Variety of options to choose from

It is easy to find unlocked phones thus people will have a variety of options and features to choose from when matched to phones with plans.

Great for international travel

Another advantage of going for unlocked phones is that they provide great flexibility for people of the different class including; students, tourists and business travelers. With international roaming rates, the network can be high. Unlocked phones are great for people who travel internationally always and the good thing is that travelers will have the same rate for calls and data just like the country. The only thing that has to be added is a local SIM card for the country.

Perhaps getting a dual SIM phone could be an option so the user can use both their real SIM cards and a local SIM card from the country they are travelling to.

Setting up an unlocked phone

To set up an unlocked for use home or abroad, the user needs a SIM card for the carrier they settle for. SIM cards are tiny cards which protect carrier and user data within a smart phone. When someone buys a replacement phone or advances to a new unlocked phone, the SIM card can be taken put from the old phone and just put in the new one. Should in case the SIM cannot fit in or there is a need to change carriers, the user will need to buy a new SIM card.

Some SIM kits permit buyers to activate their unlocked phones using prepaid wireless carriers like AT&T Prepaid, Verizon Prepaid or Cricket Wireless. All the buyer has to do is find a store where the SIM kit is sold and have their phones activated.

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