5 Tips On How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Life Last Longer

There’s nothing worse than receiving that “low battery” warning on your smartphone when you’re nowhere near a charger. Whether you’re at work, school, or out on the town, a dead phone in your pocket is about as useful as a car without wheels. With these five tips, however, that inconvenience can be a thing of the past.

1. Avoid fast charging.

Many smartphones come with a quick-charging feature, and come packaged with a more powerful charger. These can be very convenient in a bind, but can also damage your phone’s battery life over time. You should charge your phone the normal, slow way as often as possible.


2. Buy a charger case.

An iPhone case is absolutely essential for protecting your phone, but most of them don’t charge your phone while they’re attached. An iPhone charger case will greatly improve your battery life since it will charge while it sits in your pocket. Some even have a sliding, removable battery sleeve, allowing you to use the case without charging if you want to avoid the bulk.

3. Buy a wireless charger.

Another convenient product to improve smartphone battery life is a wireless charger pack. These devices are handy because you won’t have to worry about that pesky cord at the bottom of your phone. On top of that, you can take them with you in your car, to the office, and even while you travel. Many wireless chargers will even prop up the phone while it’s charging so that you can still use it while it charges. Also, today you can easily find power backpacks that charge your phone.

4. Don’t let it get too hot.

Not only will heat drain your phone’s battery, it can permanently damage the battery’s overall life. Avoid leaving your phone outside in the sun if at all possible.

5. Keep the battery above 5% always

Letting a phone’s battery go down to 5%, much like a phone overheating, will also permanently damage its ability to hold a charge.

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