What to do When Your Technology Goes Wrong

While technology has a lot of important benefits and has for the most part helped us to make life better and easier, one potential downside is the way we can become kind of reliant on it. Then, when something goes wrong and we”re left without our devices, we find ourselves at a loss for what to do. We turn “soft” and this leaves us potentially helpless when things go down.

So what do you do when your tech fails you? Read on and you”ll be ready for any kind of technopocalypse…

Have a Contingency Plan

The first thing to think about is coming up with some kind of contingency plan so that you are prepared for these scenarios. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so why not ensure that you”re prepared so that you never get caught out? It”s a great opportunity to feel smug if nothing else…

An example of this might be to think about where you can find help. For instance if your washing machine breaks down, then knowing where you can wash your clothes at a friend”s, or knowing where the local launderette is can ensure you still have nice and clean clothes to wear. Having spares yourself can help too – keeping an old computer to hand is incredibly wise for example, and if you want to go even further you could even get your own backup power generator…

Another alternative is to learn to do things yourself. That”s right – there was a time before computers and washing machines, so it doesn”t hurt to learn some basic skills even if you don”t end up using them often. This might mean being confident when talking on the phone so that you can call friends when e-mail goes down, and it might mean learning how to wash your clothes yourself in the bath or in the sink. Blender down? Never was there a better time to learn to chop veg…


Another tip is to learn how to repair your devices and your electronics. Keeping them well maintained and getting regular check-ups will help prevent them from going down in the first place, but in many cases it will be possible to deal with some of the less disastrous problems. For instance you can often solve plumbing issues yourself if you”re willing to swap a washer and find the stop tap.

If you don”t know how to make the repair? Or if you”re not confident to try it on your own without guidance? Then you can turn to some other technology to help: namely that”s Google. If you can”t fix your own cooker or your own mobile phone, then type the problem into Google (make sure to be precise – error codes are very useful for for this) and you”ll find that a whole bunch of forums and YouTube videos spring up to talk you through the process. Give it a go – you may find that you learn something useful in the process.

And if you”re not able to find instructions that you can follow confidently? Then at least you should be able to find the number of an appliance repair company who can come over and solve the problem in the meantime.

If you do get professional help to solve the problem though – perhaps from the likes of https://www.MillCreekApplianceRepair.com – then it’s still well-worth asking them what went wrong and getting information where possible – this way you’ll be better prepared to fix the problem if it happens again and also to prevent it from arising in the first place.

Note as well that even if you can”t actually fix the problem and still need to use a professional service, you can probably at least come up with some kind of MacGyver temporary fix to patch up the problem until help arrives.

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