5 Reasons Why AVID is the Best Video Production Software

If you’re looking to step up your video production, it’s time to learn about the benefits of AVID Media Composer. While you might be used to Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, AVID is the go-to video editing software for the television and film industry. Here are the top reasons you should consider learning AVID Media Composer.

1. It’s the Standard

If you’re already familiar with the above mentioned editing programs, it’s a good idea to become fluent with AVID too. It’s one of the most widely used video tech services in the industry. Maybe most of your projects up to this point have only required Final Cut Pro, but don’t lose out on future opportunities by not knowing AVID.


2. Efficient Management and Sharing

In the video and film world, you need to easily share your projects. AVID’s project portability capabilities are unmatched. You can easily transfer projects between drives and machines. The sharing feature also allows everyone with access to view the project and see changes in real-time.

3. More Control

AVID has an efficient trim mode with multiple options including single-roller, dual-roller, and overwrite. The effect tools are helpful as well. By using AVID, you get built-in reformatting, stabilizing, and time-warping tools to give your project the final touch.

4. It Will Make You a Stronger Candidate

Learning AVID will do more than just beef up your resume. It will be an incredibly useful skill as you advance in your career. Being fluent in AVID will fine-tune your editing skills and enhance your industry prospects.

5. Cross-Platform

If you’ve ever tried to work with Final Cut Pro in a collaborative editing environment, you know how difficult it can be to continue editing on a PC. AVID is compatible with Macs and PCs, making its sharing capabilities even better. Seamlessly switch between platforms and continue your project.

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