5 Entertainment Marketing Secrets You Never Knew Before


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Remember when entertainment marketing used to be simple?

All you had to do was write up some copy, put together a nice print advertisement, design a simple campaign, and you were golden.

Now? The marketing world is wild. Especially entertainment marketing.

Not only has the marketing industry evolved over the years, but so has the entertainment industry. As such, there are many entertainment marketing solutions that have been kept a secret, which many people aren’t aware of.

Here are five entertainment marketing secrets that you never knew before.

Secret #1: It”s All About Optimization

In entertainment marketing, campaign optimization is the process of targeting a specific audience who is likely to engage with your content.

To optimize your campaign, you need to perform entertainment market research. From there, you can design your content to meet the needs and wants of the target audience.

Once you”ve published your optimized campaign, it”s important to look it”s effectiveness and make adjustments. One way to do that is through Google Ad optimization. You”re then able to retarget your ads, truly ensuring they”re effective for your audience.

Secret #2: Product Placement is Quiet

Audiences love to avoid watching ads. It”s crucial to be able to find ways to sneak in advertisements in a way that users don”t realize. One great way to do that is through product placement.

The best kind of product placement is subtle. It doesn”t involve a character turning to the camera and advocating for a product. Instead, a product is simply seen in a piece of entertainment.

By incorporating brands into pieces of media, audiences are getting advertised to without realizing it. Product Placement is also a great way to associate a certain type of person with a product, like how Apple ensures that villains won”t use their products.

Secret #3: Audiences Want Transparency

Audiences want to be able to trust what they see without a second thought.

With the explosion of fake news over the past few years, it has become much harder to blindly trust a source of information. In sports and entertainment marketing, it is important to promote your organization”s transparency.

One way you can build trust with your audience is through philanthropy. People like to support brands that they share common values with, so figuring out the interests of your target audience is vital.

Another way to build trust is to highlight the ethical practices of your organization. Doing so will establish trust between you and your target audience.

Secret #4: Entertainment Marketing is Storytelling

In sports and entertainment marketing, it”s important that you have a story to go along with what you”re selling.

In sports, most of the time, the sport itself isn”t the thing that”s being advertised. Instead, it”s the storylines between teams and the personal triumphs of players.

People love a good story, so it”s important to remember to create a narrative in your marketing.

Secret #5: Know Your Limits

No one brand can be everything, everywhere, all at once. Not only do you need to be aware of your media and entertainment market size, but you also need to know your limits.

You and your team can only produce so much content. Instead of trying to stretch thin to create video, audio, web, and print content, focus on what you do best. That way, the cream will rise to the top and people will be drawn to your work.

The Entertainment Industry is Always Evolving

While these secrets will be beneficial, the entertainment marketing world is always changing. These tips will help you on your marketing journey, but it”s also key to stay on top of trends and react to your audience.

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