3 Ways to Make Social Media Make Money For You

Maybe you weren’t the one to come up with Facebook, or Youtube, or Twitter, or Periscope, or any of the other number of social media engines out there, but so what? You’re not making billions, but that doesn’t mean that you can”t ride on the backs of these technology geniuses and use what you have to make you money. As long as you have access to the internet and as long as you have the drive to make something happen, you can use social media to make money for you.

Here are 3 ways you can use your social media account to generate revenue for yourself:

Viral Content

Many people create a product in the hopes that their efforts will go viral. That’s how people get famous and it’s how people make money. Whether you’re an artist looking to build up a fan base, an accountant looking to secure more clients, or a blogger looking to generate income off of your blog, you can use social media as the vehicle towards your success by pushing people to share your content.

You might be a long way from viral, but the way that social media is set up makes it so that each like, tweet or share is shared with the followers of your followers. If you can get people to take an interest in your stuff and pass it along, you’ll be bringing income before you know it.


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Monetize Videos

Youtube and other video sites like Vimeo and Vevo are a great asset to you because you can monetize your videos based on the amount of views, streams, and shares that you get. Of course, a person has to have incredible luck or just be gifted with marketing to get their videos to the point that they’re making a living off of them, but if you have a business and you make videos, you’re giving yourself publicity, you’re informing people, and you have the possibility to bring in money while you’re at it, so you’re not losing anything by not doing it…

Get A Job in Marketing

If you’ve practically grown up on social media and you know all there is to know about getting the most likes and the most comments, you might as well put your skills to use and get a job in marketing. Marketing is largely achieved through social media, so if you’re not going to monetize videos or try and make your content viral, just do things the old fashioned way and get a job using social media as your avenue to a paycheck.

The internet isn’t going anywhere, so learning how to use social media as a tool to bring in money is a skill that will prove very useful. If you don’t do it, you can just resign to wasting your hours scrolling through, like the rest of the world.

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