3 Simple Steps to Secretly Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

How to Track My Wife”s Phone Without Her Knowing

While tracking my wife’s phone may be a touchy subject, there’s little doubt that knowing where my wife goes can offer security benefits for her and our family. The digital age is getting more complex and risky, and any help we can get to make our family and loved ones’ safe, secure and easily within our reach is always well appreciated. One of the rare, valuable technologies that helped me track my wife without her knowing is Cocospy.

How to Secretly Track My Wife”s Phone Without Her Knowing

One of the most reliable solutions today to make sure that I can track my wife’s phone without her knowledge is through using the Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker, which is both available for iOS and Android. What is great about Cocospy as a remote-monitoring software is not only because it has some compelling features, but because it’s not just a start-up application anymore. It’s a software that has built a solid following who trust the software and completely paid for its features. To learn how to fully use and enjoy the features of Cocospy, simply follow these 3 steps:

1. Sign up free.

Go to Cocospy’s official website and sign up for an account. It also has a free online demo, you can check their online demo if you want.


2. Selection your OS

The Cocospy app comes in Android and Apple versions, so make sure you know your unit and select the right type during the installation process.

For Android device, you need to download the app on the target device.


For iOS device, you don’t need to install any app. Just need to enter your wife’s iCloud account and password, then you will see the data on iCloud back.


3.Track your wife’s phone without her knowing.

Now go to a browser in your wife’s phone and add the appropriate URL provided by Cocospy, and hit Search. What happens here is that Cocospy will download and install the app onto your wife’s phone. After the download, the link to the URL and any trace of the download will then disappear. You can now go to the control panel on your phone and review the details, activities and other data that you need from her phone.


Why Should I Use Cocospy?

There are plenty of reasons why I am using Cocospy as a remote monitoring device for my wife’s phone activity. For starters, knowing where she is at a time when I suspect that she may be missing or lost could offer high value to me as her husband. Cocospy also helps me assist my wife in case someone might have hacked her phone. Knowing where her phone is could help me retrieve my wife’s personal details and bank account information in the event that her phone is hacked, stolen or just plain missing. Truly, the benefits are endless. If I’m suspecting that my wife is involved in some extramarital affairs that I should be aware of, Cocospy is also my indispensible go-to device.

Other Important Reminders

You don’t need to root your phone when you download the Cocospy app. You also don’t need to worry about any stealth or incognito mode that you have to activate just to get the full features of the app. You just have to install the app as provided in the instructions above.


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