The benefits of RPA and chatbots

Avi Ben Ezra discusses the benefits of RPA and chatbots

The world is witnessing the convergence of three major technology trends that will create extraordinary benefits for companies that implement it. Already, in Europe many small businesses and governments are benefiting from this – but now a bigger segment of the market will adopt these emerging technologies. As Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO of SnatchBot explained: “Chatbots are not so new, but the ways in which we combine their use with artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA) – is rather new. This is where the biggest benefits occur: in how we deploy technology”.

What are the benefits of RPA and chatbots combined?

Some companies in France and Israel are rapidly improving their competitiveness through technological upgrades. AI and RPA are core components of these improvements. With RPA there are substantial improvements in self-service and automation. It is entirely possible to generate advanced analytics which can help a business to form a better understanding of their target base and to make important improvements. It is now possible to accomplish more even though fewer human resources are used. There will also be a remarkable improvement in employee productivity. When chatbots are implemented there are little chance that customer-facing or font end services will fail. Therefore, there will be a reduction in the number of customer complaints which is handled by customer care departments.

Another benefit of chatbot implementation will be a substantial reduction in labor costs. Businesses simply will no longer have to employ back office staff. Strong evidence suggests that now, it is cheaper to make use of RPA than it will be to use full-time employees. When dealing with sales problems it is a well-known fact that the majority of companies will lose a number of their customers every year. New employees can take a long time to reach full productivity. With the current systems, too much time is spent on the data entry process. This is resulting in a situation where employees are simply not spending sufficient time with the customer.


Effective RPA and chatbot solutions

Businesses who implement RPA robots use those technologies to convert all of the account information which is provided by the sales reps of the company. This is then converted into a readable format and that information is automatically entered into systems where they are most needed. It is now possible to make use of automation to further reduce the time between closed deals and the actual delivery of the product. There are many excellent chatbot solutions. It is entirely possible to use chatbots for things such as salesforce education. This is because chatbot systems are able to provide easy access to documentation and training manuals and this can save a lot of time because everything is readily available and easily accessible. The ability to handle many channels simultaneously can make it possible for sales reps to engage with customers and systems. This can help the business to maximize productivity. This can do a lot to enhance customer experiences and to improve the prospects of the business.

Chatbots can provide your business with instant updates relating to leads and other opportunities. This is resulting in a situation where salespeople will know exactly what is happening at any point in time. It is also possible to employ chatbot systems by making use of built-in integration with important systems. This can have many benefits such as the simplification of data entry processes. It is also easier to quickly complete important tasks.

What can be accomplished?

With the proper implementation of RPA businesses will have access to accurate information on sales and supply chain operations. RPA can also help to ensure increased operational flexibility. There will be a substantial reduction in the amount of time which is spent on things such as data entry and also data conversion activities. RPA would allow for greater access and quicker processes. With RPA and chatbots, there is support for many channels such as telegram, Slack, Skype, Facebook messenger, email, Viber, Twilio and Line. As far as the Internet of things is concerned there will be support for Google home, Alexa. Siri and Cortana. Several social media platforms are also supported such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Artificial intelligence provides businesses with many benefits. It is also providing access to all of the communications networks on which consumers are active. This is allowing businesses with easy access to the target audience.

The benefits of intelligent systems

It is possible to have an intelligent system which knows its limitations. Chatbots have the ability to accomplish extraordinary feats. They will be able to answer many of the frequently asked questions which are bothering consumers. However, when they do not understand a question or do not have the answer they are able to pass those consumers on to human resources. However, every single interaction will be recorded and it will be available for analysis. Chatbots will be able to learn from those experiences and this will enable them to perform even better when tending to the next consumer. This can allow customer care departments to handle very large volumes of consumer queries. This is resulting in an enhanced consumer experience and it also helps to form better relationships with consumers. This can provide businesses with many benefits.


As Avi Ben Ezra said: “In recent years, we helped call centers to reduce card fraud: this reduced the impact of many crime mafias and restored consumer trust. We helped businesses reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the need for employees to drive to work and back. We helped to reduce payroll taxes since many entry-level jobs became obsolete through replacements. Most of all, this created an opportunity for people to sit back and let bots do the monotonous jobs – so humans could focus on the jobs they love most. But today – we are also helping governments and businesses globally to become more competitive thanks to the very unique ways in which we combine the benefits of trending technology”. The future is bright for those who are willing to invest in technology

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