Technology Plus Time Equals Potential Personal Gains

Elbow grease might mean something a little big different in the digital world. In the physical world, it means doing stuff, and moving things through space. In the digital world, it”s more about exchanging time and skills for personal gain. The question is, from a technology and business angle, how can you make this work for you?

If your business is a desire to make money by more casual means, then there are answers out there for you, waiting for you like low-hanging fruit. Consider options like online surveys, using Google AdSense methods, troubleshooting for clients, using your skills to save other people”s time, or even just figuring out how to use online scheduling to your advantage.

Online Surveys

A shot in the dark method of making money by doing some business online is by taking online surveys. The process has even been streamlined by this point that all you have to do is download an app, and from there most of the details get taken care of for you. You do have to pay attention to how much time you spend versus how much money you make, but if you”re not doing anything with some free minutes, why not cash in on the possibilities?

Using Google AdSense

If you have a website that gets some degree of traffic already, then use the Google AdSense program to prop up your bottom end. The ads that get shown are entirely automatic, so once you have approval, you just stick some code in a box and let it fly. You aren”t going to make a ton of money unless you”re getting thousands of views, but it”s definitely something to shoot for if you have an online presence already anyway.


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Troubleshooting as a Consultant

If you know how technology works, you can always farm yourself off as a consultant. And this doesn”t have to be on a strictly professional high-end scale either. You can even do things like barter goods and services within your neighborhood in exchange for IT knowledge you have. Even doing something like making yourself available to install people”s operating systems can make you a good chunk of casual change.

Using Your Skills To Save Other People”s Time

And you”ll find that in the great equation of time, some people will simply pay you so that they don”t feel like they”re wasting their time learning about technology. If you already have certain computer skills, there are people that will be more than willing to just move the responsibility of all kinds of technical work your way, just so they don”t have to handle it.

Using Online Scheduling

Using technology for online scheduling can both make you money and save you money as well. By allowing people the convenience of signing up for things online, you give them a concrete way of ordering their time and your time collectively, thereby preventing issues where people are sitting around doing nothing, waiting for each other.

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