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There are very few businesses, if any, that can afford to ignore technology. These days, most companies are online and, as a result, it helps to pay attention to modern technology and how it can improve your company.

To this end, here are a few pieces of technology that can help improve your business. Whether its engaging with the customer more or just ensuring a smoother experience, this all helps to retain customers and improve how your firm is received by the public.


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Sometimes the old tools are still the best. When people want to contact you, a telephone is good idea. People like hearing a voice and a phone number helps establish an immediate connection.

Similarly, don”t over look the power of e-mail. Some people like to express themselves in writing and a personalised e-mail address will go a long way. Having your own url is much more professional and ensures you get noticed when your messages hit their inboxes.


These days you really need more than one website. With mobile devices, such as Smart phones and tablets, being so commonplace, you need a second website tailored to these smaller screens. If you just squeeze the normal site in it will look unprofessional and will put people off your business. Building a second design from the ground up will not only look good, but ensure your business reaches potential customers who only browse online via their phone or gadget.


Safety is a big issue for many companies and these days you need to be careful online as well as offline. When your business starts dealing with sensitive data, such as customer information, you have an important duty of care to protect it.

This includes ensuring the information isn”t stolen by other people. As a result, an encryption process such as Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, can help stop this. Once you have this you can acquire a security certificate to show your level of safety.

Backup server

Losing all of your files and data is one of the worst things that can ever happen. As a result, a backup server can act as a big investment. This needs to be away from your main server, to avoid wiping both out with physical damage, and should be regularly uploaded with all your information. In the case of an emergency, this ensures the business is back on its feet as quickly as possible.

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