Shaking Up Your Daily Routine: Where To Find Some Inspiration

We all feel stuck every once in awhile, if not regularly, when it comes to the daily grind. So it”s a good thing that there”s a bunch of ways to get out of that rut – and some of them come from electronics and technology, and some of the come from leaving those same electronics and technology behind!

So five ways to shake yourself up and find some inspiration to put into your routine might include finding people”s personal Pinterest pages and wandering about, looking up motivational YouTube videos, calling Sweden (yes, this is a real thing!), heading out for a job to get the muscles flowing, or for the distractedly troubled, leaving all those electronics off for a minute.

Personal Pinterest Pages

One of the quickest ways to get a jolt of fresh energy is to check out Pinterest pages of either people you know, or people whose lifestyle interests you. The idea of a pin board is great for browsing ideas quickly and getting an overall concept of what might be fun, and then doing a single click to get sent to the original post. You can spend hours sucked into the Pinterest hole, quite enjoyable inspiring yourself.


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Motivational YouTube Videos

And to get another quick shock to the adrenal system, check out one of the millions of inspirational YouTube videos out there. People come up with new ways to put together quotes, music and visuals every single day, so there”s never going to be a time when there isn”t something fresh for you to peruse. And as with all YouTube videos, it”s totally free to use the service and wander around that virtual world at ease.

Call Sweden

There”s a hilarious new activity that people have been doing lately to put a crack in their daily routines, and that”s to call a random Swede. There”s a number you can dial that will connect you to anyone over in that country, and people are finding all sort of interesting ways to make that add a touch of humor to their daily schedule.

Go For a Run

Something that many people will swear by as a way to get into better routines and habits it to make sure there”s some sort of exercise involved in your day, and considering you don”t need any equipment for it, a short run or jog is always going to serve that purpose.

Take a Break From Electronics

And many people suffer from connection fatigue as where, when they feel like the fact that they”re always available actually makes them feel more isolated. So if you are stuck in that rut of feeling anxious about connection, just turn the old devices off for a few hours and free your mind!

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