Are you Presenting Yourself in the Best Way Possible in Your Online Meeting?

Meetings are essential for any organization to conduct business. But the definition of a “meeting” has evolved over time as technology has changed. It is more and more common to have employees work from home, or telecommute from different states or even different countries. Likewise you could discuss a business endeavor with companies from all over the world at any time of day.

Equipment Necessary for a Successful Online Meeting

This makes effective technology to conduct online meetings essential for every business. Most people will need at the very least a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam, microphone and speakers, and a stable internet connection.

Larger companies will probably want to invest in a large screen television or projector, as well as a quality microphone and speaker system, and a quiet room with minimal noise feedback.

Lighting can make a huge difference in the quality of an online presentation, however most companies are not prepared to invest in professional lighting equipment.


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Fortunately, for those who do a lot of business remotely there”s now a light for video conferencing.

The ChatLight was designed by a photographer, is adjustable to any device, and sheds a warm healthy glow on your skin to give you a picture-perfect presentation while video-chatting or presenting. The uses of this device are endless, and it can be an extremely vital tool for any business that conducts a lot of online meetings, presentations, webinars, or produces any kind of online video.

The device is rechargeable, with a battery that lasts 90 minutes, making it extremely convenient to use and transport.

Lighting Makes a Difference

Any professional photographer or videographer will let you know that lighting is vitally important to getting a good image. Lighting is the difference between a subject appearing clear, in-focus and healthy, vs. grainy, shadowy, and sick. Ideal lighting will help you impress clients, business partners, employees or your boss!

ChatLight is very versatile and can be used personally on Skype, or for business meetings with GoToMeeting.

Additional Tips for Online Meeting Success

Even though an online meeting may be conducted anywhere, including in the comfort of your own home, in order to be effective you should treat the online meeting with the priority that you would a physical meeting. Take some time to get ready mentally and prepare your notes. Make sure you start the meeting or logon in a timely manner.

You should ideally also make sure you have dressed appropriately and take care to look put-together and professional.

Good lighting makes looking presentable easy. If using a device such as the ChatLight, adjust the settings ahead of time to ensure the right amount of brightness for the room.

Your online meetings will never be the same again!

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