Kepard VPN: Best Encryption and Anonymity Online

A great custom technology that is what VPN is which helps you connect with millions of other computer resources without any kind of physical infrastructure. There are many reasons for which VPN or Virtual Private Network is required in today’s times. You will get to share the data and resources in a very low cost that make your work really very fast and speedy.

If you are not implementing this network then this is the high time that you should start building it. If you have a very large scale business then connecting to remote datacenters becomes a necessity and this connection should be very fast. Using VPN brings several benefits for you that include providing you fast internet connection and ensure encrypted transmission of data. The Kepard VPN services are really effective when it comes to fulfilling these qualities and many more.


Get the VPN apps easily!

Acquiring these Kepard VPN apps is really simple and you can use these apps to get the benefits of this service. Simply install the apps for both your Windows and Android device through the link– (android apps) and respectively.

There are many benefits such as hiding the IP address of your device and get access to the sites that are being blocked in your country and you can download torrents through some server also.

Which protocols are the best?

The connections that are being used in the network are point-to-point that ensures that you get the acknowledgement of the data sent to some other device. The effectiveness of VPN depends upon the protocol that are being employed by a VPN and they are – PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) that requires user details like username, password and server address to support the encryption of 128 bit session. Though not much secure but it is compatible with almost all the Windows, Tomato, Apple, Mac, Android and DD-WRT platforms. It uses TCP port and GRE for connection with the device.

Another protocol that is popular and more secure than PPTP is Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol (L2TP) that provide for the encryption support of 256 bit session using the IPSec protocol. Supports all the operating systems and for port connection utilizes the UDP and its variants. It is suitable for those who wish to have a better and secure VPN connection.

Now let’s talk about the most advanced protocol that is used in VPN, it is called OpenVPN that employs the 256 bit session encryption that makes the use of OpenSSL library. Speed wise it is said to be the fastest than other protocols and it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and uses TCP or UDP port to get connected to the device. The best part that makes it really popular is its free availability.

Location nailed!

The expanse of Kepard VPN extends to USA and European nations and the services are really very promising in terms of the services and speed that provides. You can also connect through two devices at different locations at the same time. The facilities of one-day trial also makes it easy for you to decide that hoe effective it is going to be for you.

Why you will love Kepard VPN service!

How about earning free days of your connection? Sounds’ interesting, well, that is what you get when you invite your friends and here are your 180 days of free connection.  

Affordable, is it?

Kepard VPN understands that it is essential to provide easy pricing regime for user convenience and being affordable. The pricing of this VPN technology is three pronged, it gets for you more IP addresses and unlimited traffic along with a speed that is excellent. For one month you can acquire it at $7, so that remains quite affordable at all.

The packages are equally attractive because they come with perks. Earn premium VPN by inviting your friends and for 180 days get 400 MB of traffic per day.


Logs policy

With the intent of being safe, Kepard VPN keeps the user details for 3 days. Only the information filled in the application form and VPN connections made for that time being is stored.

Pay easily for your services!

The payment options supported by Kepard VPN are PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Amex.

Supporting you throughout!

That is the intent of Kepard VPN to be always at your service 24×7 and answering your queries that include settings and common problems like getting paid for referral accounts and affiliates or using VPN for watching TV and movies. Gives you detail about the installation procedures for all the platforms and devices which support it.

Helping you at ease!

The services of Kepard VPN are exemplary because you will get to know everything about settings and other related things. You will get to know easily how to get this app installed in the system no matter to which device you wish to install. You will be having step-by-step instructions regarding every protocol.

Try before you use!

Before getting the apps installed and paying for it, you have the flexibility of using its trial packs that is for one day and the premium service also makes you get extra days.  So you can put your money to good use if you like the service after the trial.

There are some factors that you need to consider if you are using this VPN. The speed of the network may get affected when the location of the server is not close to you. Besides that, you can use this service to watch your favorite the movies and shows that you like. Referral program also helps you to get the extra speed for free and if there are people affiliated, then you can get the payment through your pay pal account.

Before installation you should check out the details and other features that your device should have. Kepard is also offering a limited period discount offer through which users can avail 15% discount on all Kepard Packages upto 15th June. The code to use is: KepardWelcome2016.

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