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Providers of IP PBX system solutions now use protocols that can easily integrate with other existing applications. This communication system for both small and large businesses has proven itself cost effective, efficient, and stable. More and more businesses have chosen to explore an IP solution for their PBX phone system.

An IP PBX system is one that utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) data networks in order to route calls, manage call switching, and handle other call messaging tasks. The PBX system features advanced communications such as voicemail to email. This system offers users the ability to connect to conventional Public Switched Telephone Service (PSTN) lines – this means you do not have to switch carriers. This system also provides scalability as well.

PBX (Private Branch eXchange) makes connections between a business’ internal phones and connects the business to the PSTN through trunk lines. Like other cloud-based services, you can take advantage of the IP PBX system via a cloud service offered by experienced, reliable, and reputable providers.

There are numerous advantages of switching to a cloud based IP PBX system over the on-site option. A  PBX system runs as a software on your PC and can even leverage your computer’s superior processing power and user interface. This system is also very easy to manage. As a matter of fact, it can be managed through a web based configuration interface. This allows you to successfully fine tune and maintain your telephone system.

With it, you can count on getting considerable monthly cost savings when you make international and long distance phone calls. If you have satellite offices, you can further save money by connecting the system between satellite offices and make phone calls for free!

One of the best things about cloud based system is the scalability that it offers. Propriety systems can be outgrown easily. Adding more extensions and phone lines often requires pricey hardware modules and in some cases, one may have to shell out money to get a completely brand new telephone system. This is not so with IP PBX system. A standard PC can handle a large amount of extensions and telephone lines – all you need to do is to add more lines to your network and grow!

With a PBX system from a respected provider, you can deliver a much better customer service to your customers. Because the IP phone system is computer based, you can easily integrate telephone functions with your business applications. A good example is when a customer’s record is brought up automatically when he or she calls your business. This will help improve your customer service and cut cost by reducing the time that is spent on each caller.

You will also be so glad to know that you can get twice the telephone system features for just half the cost. As it is software based, developers can easily improve or add feature sets. A large number of VoIP telephone systems come packed with features, including voicemail, auto attendant, ring groups and so much more. These options are most times very pricey in conventional phone systems.

Investing in software based or cloud based system sure makes great sense for any business owner. As mentioned earlier, more and more companies are taking advantage of the numerous benefits offered by a cloud based phone system. The system delivers a really significant savings in maintenance, management, and ongoing phone call expenses. Upgrading to a world class system should no doubt be an obvious choice for business owners.

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