How to sell a small business that has less attention from buyers

When we think of small businesses, we typically think about privately-owned and operated business with relatively small turnover and staff numbers. These type of small businesses are seen as constituting part of a specific commercial or economic sector. However, owning a small business leads to you facing a variety of challenges. All these problems may lead your small business into a state which lacks the attention of potential buyers. If left in a poor state, your business make take a longer time to get sold or you may end up getting less for it than you would like. With that in mind, here’s how you can make your small business top the list of every potential buyer.

Focus on finding what your small business is unique at

The unique selling points of a business are extensive factors leveraging their popularity among buyers. In order to gain the attention of buyers, your main focus should be on identifying the unique factors which help to attract the buyers while selling your small business. This would help your business find more and more buyers and would help you keep them interested in what your business has to offer.


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Use guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing deals with leveraging creativity, imagination, and originality in place of a big budget. Smart small businesses with a limited budget often use guerilla marketing to gain the favor of potential buyers. There is no shortage of creative guerrilla marketing ideas. For example, if you own a small business in San Diego, pay someone to create eye-catching art with chalk portraying the specialty of your business and promoting your business for sale in San Diego. This is a captivating method of acquainting potential buyers with the small business you are looking to sell.

Affiliate with other large businesses

Getting associated with a larger business will help you create and maintain a number of contacts. A part of this may include the contacts of potential buyers. This will further facilitate your convenience in gaining popularity among them. Remember, the higher number of potential buyers, the higher the chances are of your business getting sold at a large profit.

Use a business broker to reach out to a strategic buyer

Owning a small business does not mean that the value that is extracted from it is also small As such, reaching out to the strategic buyers is one of the best things you can do in the process of selling off your small business. Traditionally, these strategic buyers are operating companies that are often competitors, suppliers or customers of your firm, so they know most about your business’s potential than most. This will allow them to make a firm decision about buying your business.For the estimation of the strategic value of your business, it is advised if you hire a business broker.

Leverage scalable advertising channels

Conventional advertising mediums such as TV, radio, and newspaper ads can be extremely costly and it’s hard to measure effectiveness. That being said, online advertising can be cheaper and more targeted. Popular options are Google Pay Per Click ads and Facebook ads. Also, don’t forget to list your business in free online directories like Google Business for Google Maps and Yelp in order to foster the popularity of your business among interested buyers. Having gained popularity online, it won”t be difficult for your small business to get a perfect potential buyer.

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