How to Clean Email List and Improve Email Delivery Rate

You have a website and take a huge amount of time to create your email list. Deleting the email addresses is perhaps the last thing on earth that you would want to do. However, it is quite essential to prune the tree if you really want it to grow. If you are not careful with it, you will face issues with your email deliverability.


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That is exactly why cleaning up your email list and improving your email deliverability. The following tips should be helpful enough.

Why should you go with cleaning up an email list?

The email service providers tend to monitor how your emails are handled by the recipients. The lower level of engagement from your email list will mean that you will end up with a poor deliverability. That is why you need to take care of the unhealthy email addresses.

The unhealthy email addresses would include invalid email addresses and inactive subscribers. Invalid email addresses can be the ones that can result from the typos during the signup process. Bots can be yet another reason that can cause the invalid email addresses. The Inactive email addresses are the one that is not interacting with your newsletters. They may be the ones who are no longer interested in your newsletters.

How to take up cleaning up Email lists?

Cleaning up email list involves removing the invalid email addresses and the inactive addresses. Taking an action right in time will reduce your bounce rate and improve the delivery rate. The bounced emails can be both hard bounces or soft bounces. If your bounce rate goes up above the 5 percent threshold, you can indeed be sure that your email list has a lot of invalid email addresses.

The best option to clean up the invalid email addresses would be to make use of a good email validation tool. These tools such as MailboxValidator let you use the email validation API to ensure a real time email validation for an enhanced performance. These services can help you reduce your bounce rate in an effective manner. You should be able to reduce your bounce rate by around 90 percent or above and ensure that your emails end up in the email delivery system effectively.

The email validation tools can also be helpful enough in segregating the email list. It can detect and separate the spam traps and bots and keep them separate from the other email addresses. One of the best options would be to use the opt-in and CAPTCHA validations to ensure the genuine email addresses being added to your email list.

Once the invalid email addresses are removed, the next step would be to remove the inactive subscribers who are no longer interested in your newsletters. You will need to remove the email addresses that are inactive after a period of around six months.

Some email validators let you clean up the inactive emails as well. The exact steps would be dependent upon the email validation tools that you would want to go with.

Essentially speaking, you would need to have a well-planned strategy to email scrubbing. Periodic –scrubbing should ideally be quite helpful in taking care of the task.

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