Find Your Nearest Charging Station using ‘Charge My Phone’ App

In UK, you can find a lot of interesting stuff but when it comes down to your mobile phone’s charging station, you might have to work around a bit to find out the nearest charging booth location. ‘Charge Your Phone App’ is a concern of liGo UK, this app lets you find where the nearest charging booth is. Now, speaking of charging booths you can actually find two options – one is the Solarbox project and another one is the Environment Friendly Smartphone Battery Projects. While both of these projects are really friendly to mother earth, they are also very useful for any smartphone users residing in the UK.


Solarbox project reuses the old coin telephone booths. With the hike in smartphone market and drop in these devices price, everyone can now afford one. Hence, these coin phone booths have become almost totally useless but UK didn’t take them off. Instead, those remained as tourist attraction and symbol of UK heritage. Rather, these have been turned into environment friendly free mobile phone charging booths. The technology used is green as well – there’s almost no CO2 pollution or power waste. The users are advised to use these booths at their own risk though – as there are power input levels concerned.


Mini Power

There’s another portable option – a paper made power cell that can supply juice to your phone for a prolonged 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours of battery life. These power cells are basically made of cellulose and there’s another layer of carbon nanotubes that creates power through some internal chemical reactions. These cells are called Mini Power and are available at many outlets, could be located by charge your phone app.

Charge My Phone App

No matter which solution you prefer, they could be found out using the liGo “Charge My Phone” locator app. A map shows a battery bubble to locate the places and it’s pretty accurate like Google Maps.


If you don’t want to carry a bulky power bank with you all the time, these charging booths can come really helpful. And liGo makes it even easier to find out the booths using “charge your phone app”at ease.

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