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Brands are quick to harness the power of online marketing in 2014. Companies are active on Twitter, Facebook and Interest. Having a blog is the norm when it comes to social media marketing, and PR companies work with bloggers to sponsor product reviews and giveaways. However, this type of marketing was considered out of the box until a few short years ago, and companies would never have considered building their brand reputations like this without the creative thinking of a few key individuals.

Bob Parsons, CEO of domain register GoDaddy is one of those people. Well before YouTube became the monetized system that it is to attract content creators, Parsons had worked out sponsorships with video bloggers. This was one of the many methods that helped turn Go Daddy into a household name that would become the leader in domain registration and website hosting services.

Parsons also invited his company”s name into the living rooms and dens of NASCAR fans when he decided to sponsor driver Dania Patrick. Even if you”ve never watched a race in your life, you”re probably familiar with one of the few professional female race car drivers, who also became the face of the company as one of the Go Daddy girls. The company even put the ladies in several television commercials.


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Although, Go Daddy has backed away from the ads after criticism, the methods certainly got people talking. Parsons knew full well that its users might be tech savvy, but that consumers were more likely to focus on ads on the big screen back then. This is why Parsons” company forked over serious cash to advertise to millions of viewers during the Super bowl. In fact, the company has done so every year since 2005!

Of course, plenty of companies have followed suit. Netflix, Gamely and HostGator, one of GoDaddy”s competitors, have sponsored popular YouTube content creators such as Philip DE Franco, showing just how beneficial it can be to a brand to have a celebrity or trusted name simply mention the brand”s name. This has also helped some of those celebrities became quite wealthy in addition to the ad revenue generated from YouTube.

Plus, many Internet brands have branched out to advertising on the TV, even if their products are incompatible with or even competition to services and programming available via the television. For example, Microsoft took the time to advertise both its browser, Internet Explorer, and its search engine, Bing, on national broadcasting networks. And Google now advertises the voice search capabilities of devices that run on Android, even though Google doesn”t manufacture those devices specifically.

As the tech company headed by Parsons looks toward the future, Go Daddy will certainly utilize more creative and thoughtful ways to advertise its domain and website hosting services. One of their methods will involve empowering and inspiring women, and this has come just in time as plenty of brands are catering toward the fairer sex with ads that show just how much woman can — and do — accomplish.

Typically, it”s companies peddling health and beauty companies who try to engage women in this manner, but if Go Daddy takes the lead, we might see other tech companies marketing toward competent and tech-savvy females rather than ignoring them as has so often been the case. Either way, we”re sure to be impressed with Parsons at the helm.

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