8 iPhone Apps That Changed Everyday life

The last couple of years have seen a huge increase in apps designed to make everyday life just a little bit easier. From organizational tools, disaster recovery apps, to weather and travel aids, the app store now offers a great selection of handy applications to help you manage your day. Here’s our list of the 8 iPhone apps that we all wonder how we ever lived without.


There’s little doubt that Uber has revolutionized the taxi business, and getting about in big cities has never been easier as a result. Offering cheap rides to wherever you want to go, leaving from your exact location, Uber is now operating in pretty much all major cities and plenty of smaller urban areas too. Prices can spike at peak times but for just getting around your local city, Uber has made life so much simpler.

Apple Pay

The ability to pay for high street purchases with your phone marks another huge step in the integration of handheld technology into everyday life. Compatible with all iPhones and even the Apple Watch, Apple Pay lets you use your credit card to pay for purchases without the need to get your wallet out. It’s easy to use and the security on it, is top notch. As more and more stores become compatible with Apple Pay, it’s easy to picture a day when apps like this make traditional payment methods obsolete.


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Organization and “notepad” style apps are commonplace in the market, but Trello stands out, thanks to its incredibly easy to use interface and simple, attractive design. Create boards and manage all your ongoing jobs, from work projects to household to-do lists. Trello is available across all platforms and devices and is great for collaboration between teams and friends, making it a great tool for sharing ideas or tracking the progress of projects.


A comprehensive app that takes the hassle out of travel was long-overdue, and with TripIt we finally have it. Organizing all your flight details and itinerary into one easy to use app, TripIt can also store your digital boarding pass and other documents as well as syncing to your calendar and offering real-time flight updates. Flying has never been so easy – just make sure you pack your charger or you’ll be in trouble on the return flight.


Doorman is a highly intuitive little app that lets you take total control of package delivery and returns. You can select any 1-hour delivery slot right up until midnight, 7 days a week, and monitor the progress of your parcel in real-time right up to your front door. Handy!

Dark Sky

Weather monitoring apps aren’t anything new but are still a vital part of on-the-go travel and planning your days out. The rather menacingly named Dark Sky offers one of the best forecasting services available, thanks to its custom-made software and hyper-local, down to the minute weather predictions. With detailed weather information pinpointed for your exact location, Dark Sky means you’ll never be caught unaware in a freak shower or blizzard again. The maps look beautiful too.


If your daily routine involves a trip down to your local bar with a few friends, Untapped is a fun little app that’s perfect for you. The idea is that you can keep tabs on the pints you’ve ordered before and rate them so that you’ll know whether you like them for next time. Untappd also offers a check-in option similar to FourSquare, letting your friends know where you are and which particular brew you are sampling.

…Ok this one isn’t quite as essential as the others on this list, but it’s still pretty cool, ok?


This is hands down one of the most useful apps on the market. Mint is a money managing and budgeting tool, and a thoroughly clever one at that. The intuitive interface lets you see exactly where all your money is going and create budgets to help you stay on top of your expenditure. Also offering advice and help with money management, Mint is a truly indispensable aid to your daily spending.

From taking the worry out of travel to giving you a better handle on your finances, apps definitely have a lot to offer in making the daily struggle of normal life, a bit easier. Some of these apps are free, others will set you back few dollars but all of them are more than worth the cost for the peace of mind and security they bring. We can’t wait to see what new developments 2017 will bring!

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