5 Tech Gifts for That Guy Who’s Hard to Shop For

We all know at least one guy who”s impossible to shop for. He might be a coworker, family member, or even a boyfriend. Whoever he is, whenever Christmas or his birthday rolls around, you”re always at a loss for what to get for him.

This year, you don”t have to worry if you”re armed with this list of budget-friendly tech gifts that any guy is sure to love. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your way to finding the perfect, unforgettable gift.

1. Give him some extra battery life

There”s nothing worse than a low battery. A Morphie Juice Pack is the perfect gift for someone who loves his phone. Plus, it”s a thoughtful and useful gift that isn”t too expensive.

The pack is basically a phone case that just happens to double the battery life on your phone, so you”re not left with a dead iPhone at the end of the night. Anyone who has a smartphone could use this gift (and it”s a gift that will actually be appreciated). Just be sure to buy the case that”s compatible with the type of phone the fellow owns.

2. A Roku streaming box

This is perfect for a guy who loves pop culture. A Roku box uses Wi-Fi to stream movies, TV shows, and even music through programs like Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu right onto your TV.

The box is easy to use: just hook it up to your TV and connect it to Wi-Fi or ethernet, and you have access to tons of apps and channels right on your TV screen. Plus, it”s not even that expensive; the boxes start at around $60. If you give someone a Roku box, you”re more or less giving him a better TV, without hidden costs or extra hassle.

3. Instawatch

Even though someone might be hard to shop for, you still want to get him something personal. A watch is a pretty standard gift, but an Instawatch lets the owner completely customize it and even use a photo off Instagram; hence, the name.

Don”t waste your money on a gift that”s just going to be thrown in a drawer and forgotten. Personalizing a watch means you can create something completely unique and personal that”s sure to be treasured.

4. Swipe Tie

Okay, a necktie is usually a pretty lame gift, and it probably doesn”t scream tech, but this isn”t just some boring old tie. Swipe Ties combine style with function.

On one side is a high-quality fabric with a great design on it, but on the inside is a lining that”s designed for polishing up screens or glasses without leaving scratches. It”s a great gift for anyone who”s into fashion and is never without his smartphone. The ties look great and are super handy too.

5. A new electric razor

A high-tech razor is the kind of thing just about any guy would use but probably wouldn”t go out and buy for himself. Nowadays there are tons of extra features you can get with an electric shaver.

Or you can go with the classic Art of Shaving straight razor. This site has everything: quality products and helpful tips almost anyone can use, whether he”s a beginner or an expert shaver.

A new razor is a nice and useful gift, and there”s sure to be one that fits your budget.

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