5 Smart Uses of Promotional Products for Businesses in NZ

Home to approximately 4.9 million inhabitants, New Zealand, is situated in the Pacific Ocean with a breathtaking landscape. It is a nation well-recognised for its national rugby team. The small island nation has a mixed economy and runs on free-market policies. In recent years, the promotional product sector in New Zealand seems to be on the rise, with the eco-friendly and portable power promotional products leading the market.

Leading branded merchandise companies in New Zealand, such as Fast Promotional Products NZ, offer a wide range of promotional products, from simple tote bags to outdoor gadgets. The rising trend of promotional products is because the industry brings plenty of benefits for businesses in New Zealand. Here are five smart uses of promotional products for companies in New Zealand.

Increase brand awareness

Promotional items help raise business awareness. In fact, several surveys reported that promotional products have a positive impact on sales and brand recognition. Moreover, compared to other promotional methods, this strategy generates a better return on investment. Even small promotional office supplies, such as pens, help increase brand awareness.


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Cost-efficient marketing

Promotional products are low-cost tools that small businesses in New Zealand can use as part of their marketing strategy. Promotional merchandise suppliers often sell the products in bulk at a reasonable price. Small businesses can also customise the products to fit their needs. Fast Promotional Products NZ, for instance, helps brand the companies’ logo design on various eye-catching bulk items, which is suitable for marketing events and business conferences.

Content distribution

A business promotional product, such as hard drives, allow companies to distribute contents to their customers conveniently. Clients can access the files any time anywhere. Companies in New Zealand can even use it to get ahead of their competitions by utilising cutting-edge promotional technology, such as personalised USB brochures.

Product launch giveaways

Companies in New Zealand use promotional products when they launch their new services or products. These free giveaways can make their product launch more exciting and entice more clients. To ensure effective marketing, however, companies should pick promotional products which complement their newly-launched product or service.

A newly opened restaurant, for instance, may use promotional glassware branded with its logo as a giveaway for the first fifty customers during their opening. On the other hand, a beverage company intending to launch a new flavoured drink should use promotional branded tumblers. Customers will be more eager to share their experience with their family and friends and attract more customers only through words of mouth, which do not cost more than a few pennies.

Build customers loyalty

Retaining current customers is much easier than investing in a new one. Hence, while trying to attract new prospective clients, New Zealand companies should also devise strategies to ensure their current customers keep purchasing from them. They need to foster clients and brand loyalty. Business promotional products are an excellent way to do the job.

Businesses can make their customers feel special by giving away unique promotional items during special occasions, such as New Year. This method will make the companies’ brand more memorable. Customers are likely to use practical products. Some excellent business gift ideas companies can opt for are a customised office calendar and umbrella.

Promotional items are affordable must-haves for businesses in New Zealand. They help increase brand awareness, improve sales, distribute content and strengthen customers loyalty.

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