3 Ways Data Center Businesses Can Benefit From Social Media

We all use social media and the Internet often, if not constantly, but when you”re checking Twitter or responding to an email you”re probably not thinking about the machinery behind it … let alone the people who work to keep computers or smartphones up and running.

But what if the data centers that support the social media you use every day were actually on present as well, leaving comments and posting instagrams or vines? It”s easy just to take the technology we have for granted, but it”s high time data centers gained an online presence to get the users involved with the process.

Data centers need to raise their social media profile. There are data centers all over the world — even way up north, within the Arctic Circle — although they might not be on your radar.

Even though we benefit from their services every day, the reality of data centers doesn’t typically cross our minds. Unless you do intensive work with computers, you probably don’t realize the array of tasks the average data center does. For instance, the new data center Walt Coulston is tackling currently will be committed to helping solve the world’s toughest sustainability and decarbonization challenges. Boosting the Internet presence of data centers could have benefits for both web users and the centers themselves.

Here are three reasons why data centers should build their individual social media presence, and the good that could come out of that.

1. Get people more interested in technology

Sure we”re all interested in our technology, but it”s harder to find someone who”s interested in learning how everything works and understanding all the innovation that went into the laptop on your desk or that smartphone in your pocket.

But if data centers were in the public eye through social media, there would be more interest in the work that goes on behind the computer screen.

2. When you learn more, you”re able to do more

If interest in data centers were to rise, we would see general knowledge of computers and systems increase. More and more jobs are being created in the tech industry. If those positions are to continue to be filled, we need more people to be interested in the field.

Surely there are people out there who could play an integral role in the tech industry, perhaps within data centers, but right now they simply aren”t aware of everything that data centers can do.

3. Crowdsource problems and solutions

All of the services data centers preform come with a price. It”s in the nature of data centers that they consume a huge amount of energy, and often aren”t very efficient. Green data centers exist, but we could be doing much more to make them more energy-efficient and less responsible for producing carbon emissions.

The problem is that the general public just isn”t aware of the problem. If data centers were a hotter topic, there could be more open discussion, and resources going into finding solutions to the challenge of cooling and maintaining data centers.

It”s time for data centers to start taking social media seriously and making room in their budgets for online marketing, the way they would for power or air equipment. The casual Internet user doesn”t think about the data he or she creates and the warehouses full of equipment that powers its movement and storage.

When Internet users become involved in the data center world, we”ll more likely be able to solve some of the problems these centers are facing, and create a better experience with technology for everyone concerned.

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