Using Tech to Make Starting up Your Startup a Breeze

Technology has given us so many new ways to be productive and efficient. It’s also one of the main reasons why starting up a business has become so easy over the past couple of years. There are countless technologies, hardware, software and services that have made the process of starting a company incredibly quick, efficient and painless. If you’re interested in building up a company from your ideas, then here’s how you can use technology to speed up the process and make it a breeze.


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Easier ways to start your business

Starting up your own company from scratch can be daunting especially if you’ve got no clue where to start. Luckily, you won’t need to make several phone calls to people and you won’t need to read a thick manual. Instead, you can simply use company formation services such as to make the entire process simple, efficient and stress-free. You’re going to be using a lot of other businesses to give your startup a boost, and a company formation service is only the beginning.

Using social media for “free” advertising

Social media has become one of the most interesting platforms for advertisers to use. It’s never static because trends are constantly changing and the way we use the internet is always evolving. Luckily, there are handy articles such as this one from that will teach you all about how social media can be used for marketing purposes. Since using social media is free, it’s a fantastic way for a low-budget startup to get more exposure. You need to master the use of social media if you want to create a successful budget with low capital, so it’s best to upgrade your knowledge and read plenty about how you can take advantage of social media.

Setting up an at-home business

Thanks to cloud services and the accessibility of the internet, it’s now possible to build up a business from home without leaving the front door. You can use cloud services to build a decentralized workflow and you can hire remote employees that use the same systems. Check out this list of essentials at to help you set up a home office to get started. Although you’ll see a lot of success at home, it’s never a bad idea to eventually upgrade to an office so you can hire more employees and also get a professional address attached to your company instead of a residential one. It’s a big step up, but it’s essential if you want to improve your exposure.

Outsourcing and freelancers to build a workforce

Lastly, we can’t forget to talk briefly about hiring a workforce. Since you’ll likely be working at home for a while, you won’t be able to hire a full workforce to come and work at your “office”. Instead, you’re going to rely on outsourcing and freelancers to do your work for you. Before you do anything, make sure you read this article from to help you learn the pros and cons of hiring independent contractors. You’ll want to eventually upgrade from using outsourcing services and freelancers because employees will offer value for your investment over a longer period of time.

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