Top 5 Cyber Actions To Protect Your Business

If it isn’t tough enough to build a successful business, you also have to take adequate measures to protect your confidential data from cyberattack, and with new and very destructive viruses launched in an almost daily basis, you really do need to invest in good data protection. Criminals are well-versed in the hacking world and the damage that having all your customer data stolen could be immense. If you are feeling a little vulnerable, here are just a few ways that you can boost your IT security.


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Switch To Application Whitelisting

The traditional blacklisting anti-virus programs take up far too much of your computing resources, constantly scanning in the background, looking for suspicious files. Application whitelisting involves creating a whitelist, which are the only executable files that are allowed to run, and anything else that tries to run will be instantly quarantined, giving you a number of options on how to proceed. Traditional anti-virus programs must have their databases updated on a daily basis and after a while, the files become huge, whereas with whitelisting, you have no need for a virus database, as nothing can run without permission.

Encrypt Your Data

Your digital data is constantly being sent around the Internet at the speed of light and encrypting it will prevent any unauthorised access. All that confidential customer information is sitting on a server somewhere, and hackers are very busy looking for new and innovative ways to carry out data theft.


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Seek Professional Advice

Fortunately, there are cyber security services in Sydney ‌by CXO Security, who happen to be a market leader and are always happy to give a free assessment of your security needs. They might recommend a firewall, or perhaps a different anti-virus platform, and if your security is more than adequate, they would be fine with that too.

Educate Your Staff

By holding regular IT meetings, you can make all key staff aware of the risks, and solutions, which will ensure that no doors are left unopened. All relevant people should be given information about the anti-virus protection you are using and should be very careful when plugging memory sticks into company hardware, as this can result in a system infection.


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Stay Informed

Technology moves along at an incredible rate, and what might have been a very effective cyber protection a year ago could well be obsolete today. Spend half an hour every week looking at cybersecurity, specifically new and innovative applications that improve security.

As your business grows, so does the data, and with data backup and encryption, plus some professional guidance and your confidential data should be safe from cyberattack. If you would like to discuss your IT security needs with a professional, a Google search will take you to a cybersecurity specialist who would be happy to assess your security and make suitable suggestions for improvement. You can take nothing for granted in the modern business world and by taking the time to consult with an IT security expert, you can close all the doors and keep your business data safe.

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