The Coolest Fitness Technology of 2015

Fitness enthusiasts looking for the latest advances in wearable tech were treated to a host of new products this year, using the latest smart technology to help users further their fitness goals. January”s CES was a veritable showroom of new tech that showed that 2015 will change the way we do fitness from head (with wearable gear to check for potential concussions) to toe (including smart socks that track vitals). There were so many advances in fitness tech that it would take hours to describe them all, but here are three products that will be useful for a widest variety of people looking to keep in shape and stay at their peak fitness. 2015 is shaping up to be a great year in wearable tech, and the devices below will push the envelope of what we expect smart tech to do for us.

The InBody Band: Body Composition Analysis On Your Wrist

The InBody Band is a wristband smart device (that connects to your iOS or Android device) that will not only give you basic vitals like heart rate, but also detailed stats on your current physique such as accurate BMI readings which take into account fat vs lean mass ratios. Simply by pressing down with two fingers of one hand on the device worn on the other, the InBody band will give you vital statistics on the go while exercising, allowing the user to maximize the efficiency of their workouts and exercise routines to achieve maximum results. Wareable”s Paul Lamkin has a report on this fascinating device.


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The Connected Cycle Smart Pedal: Fitness and Security in One

For those who bike for work or exercise, the Connected Cycle Smart Pedal is one of the most innovative upgrades to one of the most unassuming of devices– the bicycle pedal. The Smart Pedal”s purpose is two-fold. As Gizmag”s Ben Coxworth reports, it is a smart device which primarily serves a fitness purpose: the pedal”s sensors and GPS functionality can tell the user how far they”ve gone, as well as how many calories have been burned. However, the Smart Pedal also doubles as a security device: it includes both locks which alert its user to an unattended bike being moved, as well as a tracking device to help the user locate their stolen bike.

The TERA Fitness Mat: A Smart Exercise Mat For Full Body Exercise

While many devices focus on outdoor exercise, many people focus on exercise that can be done anywhere, such as Pilates or yoga. Because of this, one company has designed a smart mat to such fitness users track their progress and information. DoYouYoga”s Sarah Alender has a review of the TERA Fitness Mat, a circular mat which uses LED lights to help the user reach needed positions, as well as provide vital data to the user directly.

According to Pro Sports Club, when doing exercise such as Pilates in a gym or a club, exercisers can use the mat for better guidance when working without a trainer. At home, though, the TERA Fitness Mat is designed to help the user be more successful with their exercise routines, and its designers even tout its stylish design as a perfect decorative carpet as well.

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