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No matter where you travel in the world, the internet can prove a surprising companion. Whether you”re in London or New York, for instance, you”re only a few clicks away from Sydney or Melbourne.

This is something businesses are learning quickly, as online business continues to rise. The internet lets people inspect new companies or locations without having to invest money and visit first so an online presence is crucial. That said, the World Wide Web does come with its own dangers so when you”re traveling around the world via your computer what should be done to keep you safe?


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Signs of security

There are a few signs most people look for before they hand over sensitive information. For instance, a secure encryption will change the url to https rather than http. This means the data being sent is more secure. Most companies can obtain cheap ssl certificates, so there are little to no excuses not to. Higher measures, such as an extended validation certificate, will showcase a green padlock next to the url, too. These little touches are universal so wherever customers are coming from they know what to look for.

Beware of strangers

Just as in real life, there are people online who are only out to steal sensitive information, often falsely representing themselves as a legitimate business. Not only does this cost customers’ money, it also tarnishes the original company”s image.

In fact, a recent survey from the Australian Institute of Criminology found 20 per cent of Australians have had their information used by others, costing as much as $310,000 out of their own accounts. This is why companies take strong measures to ensure only they can talk to you, often using their own email addresses. Phishing, the act of assuming another identity for this purpose, is a major scam but these steps will help prevent it. When in doubt, always check the e-mail address of the sender first, before clicking on any included links.

As a result of these findings, the Australian Government has widened one of its own services, enabling businesses to verify government issued documents. This is great for locals using such firms, adding an extra layer, but the likes of ssl certificates, encryption and general awareness can ensure everyone is more secure as a result.

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