Laptop vs. Tablet: Who Is Leading the Computer Market?

When Apple first launched the iPad, many industry experts found it hard not to chuckle. Expected to be a massive flop, the tablet now commands a hefty market share. But is it leading the computer market? We explore the features of each to decide whether they will co-exists, or if one will make the other go the way of the dodo bird.

Convenient Size

The thing that makes the tablet a standout device is its sheer level of convenience. It’s so small and light that you can take it pretty much anywhere. If you’re traveling abroad there’s no reason to take anything else, especially considering the weight restrictions on most airlines. Computer power that was once held in computer racks and server rooms can now be found in the palm of your hand.


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The Price Issue

When tablets were first released, even the cheapest model was as expensive as a decent laptop. And they were nowhere near as powerful. These days, affordable tablets are all the rage.

You can now get your hands on something decent for around $100 –the Nook and Kindle Fire being prime examples of excellent entry-level devices. A tablet in this price range won’t be a slouch, either. You can watch films in high quality, browse the web and play games. Pretty much anything a laptop can do at a fraction of the cost.

Turn Your Tablet Into a Laptop

While many users see the ease and convenience of the laptop, they still object to its lack of keyboard, small screen size and other factors that don’t quite allow it to match to the laptop’s full capabilities. That’s all changed now.

You can now get accessories that can turn your tablet into a fully-fledged laptop or desktop device, should you require it. For example, cases that have inbuilt keyboard are now easily available. Lightweight and easy to use, you can instantly turn your tablet into a full-on laptop device.

You can also hook up your tablet to any monitor. The technology wasn’t available a few years ago, but many have opened this option up. Hook up a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and you’ve got yourself a run-of-the-mill desktop!

Updated Apps and Software Options

The tablet’s eco-system has transformed and now caters to more than just entertainment. Manufacturers and software developers understand that the modern user needs the firepower to handle anything from your basic spreadsheet to fully-fledged web development and design.

It’s now possible to download the same apps you would use on your laptop to your tablet as well. It makes it possible to do pretty much anything on your tablet – there’s no longer the excuse of limitation.

The Cloud’s Productivity Suite

The cloud has changed the way we work forever. It has potentially dealt the final blow to the laptop as well. Whereas tablets used to be quite inefficient when it came to productivity, it’s not possible to leverage the power of the cloud to your advantage.

Using systems such as Dropbox and Google Docs, it’s now possible to synch your entire workspace on your tablet. It makes it easy to move from one device to the next, no matter where you are.

Laptops Will Survive – But for How Long?

While the tablet is increasingly becoming the gadget of choice for many people, the laptop still has some way to go before it’s completely extinct. However, the sales figures are certainly showing where we should expect things to move. Netbooks are becoming increasingly rare in most computer stores – when will the laptop follow suit?

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