Does What The Internet Says About You Matter?

Have you ever heard a rumor about yourself, whether in real life or online, that wasn’t true? Didn’t it make you feel awful? Most of us feel powerless when this happens and don’t know what to do other than feel ashamed. In reality, however, we should be proactive and engage in online reputation repair, thereby making sure we look good again. That is about more than simply making anything negative fade away. It is about showing yourself to be better than what people have said about you. So how do you achieve this?

The Basics of Online Reputation Repair

It is easy to damage the reputation of both people and organizations thanks to the internet. It is very important, therefore, that you check yourself or your brand out online, to see whether anyone is saying anything bad about you. For businesses, this is important as it means that customers will trust them. For individuals, it matters because their online profile is often checked for job applications and more. Unfortunately, once something is online, it will never disappear again, and this means it can be quite difficult to suppress something negative.


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There are some simple things that you can do in order to maintain your reputation. Monitoring the internet is an important part of this. If you spot something negative, you need to make sure that it is fixed. If you, yourself, put something embarrassing up (a drunken night with pictures on Facebook for instance), you need to take it down. If someone else did it, you can always ask them to remove it.

Sometimes, however, taking the content down isn’t an option. At this point, you need to invest in search engine optimization techniques. This will ensure that the negative content is pushed back down the search engines, so that people effectively don’t see it anymore. After all, few people look past the second page of search results in Google. To achieve this, you have to make sure that the positive things are easier to find and take up the top positions.

The internet has effectively removed all sense of privacy. Anything that is posted online, be that an email, a comment on a blog, a Facebook posting, and so on, can be made public and even go viral. This is why it is also important that you are weary of allowing people into your circles of online followers. This is particularly important for individuals, as recruiters will generally check someone’s social media profiles to determine what someone’s personality and personal life is like.

If you find that your reputation has been tarnished, don’t be afraid to find an expert to help you. There are numerous experts out there who focus specifically on online reputation repair. Many of those also offer search engine optimization services, not in the least because the two services are so closely linked. As such, they can make sure that your page, your identity, and your overall online profile that is seen by the public is a good on.

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