How to choose gyrocopter?

Picking a gyrocopter is serious business. Even if a gyrocopter isn”t as expensive as a private helicopter, it”s still a significant investment. And you wouldn”t want to spend a lot of money on a product that doesn”t match your expectations.

That”s why it”s a good idea to dedicate some time to research before making the final decision. Your first step is to look for a reliable gyrocopter provider in your country, as well as abroad. Once you know who could provide you with your dream gyrocopter, it”s time to take a closer look at a number of specific characteristics.

Here are four critical factors you need to take into account before choosing a gyrocopter:


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Prices and features

Your first step is researching the available gyrocopters in terms of their pricing and the offered features ranges. By learning more about the gyrocopter market, you”ll gain a clear idea about all the available options, and choose a model that fulfills all your requirements and is reasonably priced.

Gyrocopter engine

This is something you need to research very well before investing in a gyrocopter. The market is full of different types of gyrocopter engines, so it pays to learn about how they all differ from one another, as well as the key advantages and disadvantages. When reviewing different models, check the model, manufacturer, functions, and any other details that are relevant for you.

Note that it”s sometimes possible to buy a gyrocopter engine at a discounted price, so feel free to hunt for special deals. Always look for discounts and sales before finalizing your purchase – otherwise, you might miss out on a fantastic occasion to make your deal even sweeter.

Test the gyrocopter engine

Once you”ve researched the rotoplane scene and picked a model that looks promising, you can test the engine. It”s a good idea to do that – after all, the entire functioning of the plane depends on the engine. Hire a professional to help you assess the engine quality and check whether it works properly. If you”re forced to make that assessment on your own, look into aspects such as fuel pump, oil pump, ignition, engine mounts, water pump, prop-flange with 110 lbs and Posa 32mm.

A gyrocopter engine is also equipped with a starter, an alternator, together with a 7″x 8″ oil cooler and 9″x14″ engine coolant radiator. Always check the manufacturer name, that”s how you know whether the engine is of high quality.

Finalize your transaction

If everything looks good, all that”s left is agreeing on the price for your dream gyrocopter! Always try to negotiate the price and see whether you could get the same model cheaper from a different provider.

Use these tips, and you”ll be on your way to buying a gyroplane that meets your unique needs and preferences, while not breaking your wallet.

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