How Technology Can Save You In An Emergency

Whatever type of emergency you may have, if you have one it’s likely something that constitutes as technology will be used to help you. Technology has made it easier for us to contact help in case of an emergency and even created things that alert us to an emergency.

It can be even more important to use technology for emergency purposes the older you get. Things like Life Alert make the difference between life and death for senior citizens.

Here are some tools that you may have, or that you should get, that can help you in an emergency.

For the Home

One of the top things every home should have in it for emergency purposes is a smoke detector. Smoke detectors have been proven to save lives. You may also want to have a radon detector and a personal sized fire extinguisher.


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Generators may be fairly expensive, even those for residential use, but they can save your life when a power outage strikes. In extreme cold they are important to keep the heat running. In the extreme heat they are important to keep cool air flowing. Gen Pro, a company specializing in generators, says that having a standby generator is the key to keeping your family save when the power goes out.

Have an emergency kit also that contains not only bandaids and that kind of stuff, but also water and some shelf stable snack foods.

For the Vehicle

You’ll want a smaller sized first aid kit in your vehicle, that includes the food and water. While a first aid kit isn’t very technological, your smartphone is a great tool in case of emergencies. Even a cell phone with no service can call 911, as long as the battery is charged.

The American Red Cross has apps for any type of smartphone for first aid. It’s a great thing to have around at home or out on the town.

For You

Depending on where you live and the laws, technology can be your personal safety savior. A taser can be used to stun an attacker and give you enough time to get away and call 911.

That’s another reason why cell and smartphones are such a great technological advance. You can call for help from anywhere. Even if you just need a tow truck.

Don’t hesitate to be prepared when it comes to safety. Your safety and the safety of your family is an important thing and a little preparation never hurt anyone. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are just imagining the worst case scenario just because you want to be prepared ahead of time.

Some things will do you no good if you wait until after something bad happens to get them, like a generator or a smoke detector.

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