Getting a Student Discount on Apple Products

A lot of people don’t know about the Apple Education Store. Since the company wants to break into the education market more than they are currently involved with it, students, teachers, and lecturers can get a discount on Apple products and buy cheap Mac computers. While many people aren’t aware of these discounts, they can save you a nice amount of money when it comes to buying a new Apple product. Get a computer or tablet that is great for school on discount, read below to figure out how.


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Who Qualifies?

Not only students qualify for a discount at Apple. Teachers, lecturers, administrative workers, staff members, and administrative workers qualify for a discount of the Apple Education Store. Anybody who works at a school, college, or university is eligible. Parents don’t qualify for a discount if they are buying for themselves but they can pick up a smaller price for their children. Employees of any educational institution can receive discounts in the UK, it doesn’t matter if it’s a public or private institution. Post-secondary education students can also be eligible for discounts.

How to Get your Discount

To get your discount on an Apple product, you should visit one the Education Stores in the UK or the US. For buying discounted Apple merchandise in the United Kingdom, you’ll need to use UNiDAYS to get access to the Apple Education Store. Simply enter your email address, make a password, then input your name, institution, subject of study, year of graduation, and course length. Just like that you will be signed up.

In the United States, there is no log in or ID to buy from the Education Store. Apple can request to see evidence of your student status before, during, or after purchase. They may charge you an additional fee if you don’t provide the necessary documentation.

If you’re looking to buy an Apple computer for the institution itself, the company has different stores for you to use. You can also visit the Apple Store for Schools and Universities. You will need to register with Apple before you can make any purchases. Going shopping at the Education Store is a lot like buying items from a regular Apple Store with better pricing. It’s best to log on from your institution’s network. Be prepared to offer some form of official identification that proves you’re a student. Using your student ID is one of the easiest ways to do this. If you don’t register on a verification site, you can also call Apple or use their online chat feature.

What Discounts are Available?

There is no stock discount ratio. Instead they set different prices for each product range. These discounts are currently available for Mac computers and iPads. There are not usually discounts for other products. Still you may be able to save hundreds of dollars on many Apple products such as Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and more. There are also smaller discounts for iPads from the Education Store depending on the model. While there are no discounts on iPhones, Apple TVs, or Apple Watches, you can find a lot more tech deals for students.

Other Discount Options

Another way to get a discount without the Apple Education Store is to find an insurer that will cover the cost of a student phone. According to the experts at the site MoneyPug, a platform commonly used to find cheap mobile phone insurance, there are insurance companies that offer to cover phones as a part of the policy of insurance. You can also look at the Apple Refurbished site, where you can buy Apple products that were once worn or broken before they were fixed.

If you’re a student there are some decent ways to get discounts on Apple products. If you do your research and find the best deal, you will be able to get the computer or tablet you need to successfully fulfill your studies. If you work in education, you can also get discounts on computers and tablets. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by looking for the best deal and you will be working hard on your new device in no time.

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