Embracing Technology To Break Through Bad Habits

Everyone has habits – some good, some bad, and some neutral. But, one of the most interesting aspects of modern technology, especially when it comes to cell phones, internet connectivity, and new devices, is that you can use all of them to work through those habits in any way that you see fit.

Five ways in particular that you can use tech this way include as diagnostic, habitual, physical, connective, or spiritual tools. Each has its own pros and cons, and each has a parallel outside the tech world, but in terms of convenience and potential, they”re definitely hard to beat.

As a Diagnostic Tool

One of the best ways to use tech in terms of breaking through habits is understand how to use the internet”s search browsers. If you”re confused about cause and effect, action and consequence, symptom and relief, or even things as complicated as determining behavior problems with respect to addiction, a simple search for all of your major keywords is not only going to give you information, but it may even be able to point to solutions, all without you ever even leaving your house.

As a Habitual Tool

Cell phones in particular are great for helping you break habits by allowing you to use them as routine setters. For instance, if you install timers and alarms that you trust simplicity to go off when you need them to, you can counteract a lot of bad behaviors right there, simply be having a time-based reference to them. Even with a few weeks of timed reminders, you can break through any numbers of habits, like smoking, watching TV, or overeating, for instance.


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As a Physical Tool

Some new gadgets are amazing in terms of breaking habits. There are bracelets that give you a quick shock when you go through a behavior that you set it up to indicate when something happens. Sometime people need that physical reminder, even more so than just with an alarm going off for instance.

As a Connective Tool

Cell phones are great ways to stay connected to your important support groups. And a big part of bad habits is the social factor. So by doing some personal arithmetic as far as who you need to talk to when you have certain feelings or want to do certain actions, you can have your habit-breaker just a button push away.

As a Spiritual Tool

And finally, sometimes inspiration is the best way to avoid certain habits. If you carry photos, images, or inspirational thoughts around on your phone, and whenever you have a certain desire, you can just flip to those to remind yourself of your end goal, that might be the only thing you need to keep you going.


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