Do You Need A Lawyer to Set Up an LLC?

As you begin setting up your business, it can be quite exciting, but also overwhelming. You may have no idea where to start or worry that you might mess up part of the process due to inexperience. Legal terms may be confusing, and you wonder if you need a lawyer to set up a limited liability company (LLC). You are not required by law to hire an attorney to set up an LLC, but you can if you feel that the legal assistance will be helpful for you. If you want to complete the process yourself, you can easily apply for an LLC online.

Online Filing

At Gov Doc Filing, the process of applying for an LLC is made simple. You choose your business structure, which would be an LLC online filing. Once you click the LLC structure, you will need to fill out an application that will help you form the LLC and you can fill out an online EIN application to be provided with a federal tax ID for your company.


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The steps to form the LLC and obtain an EIN are easy. You will not feel overwhelmed as the site has simplified the process as much as possible. By completing the process, yourself, you save time and money as an attorney is not needed.

While filing for the business type and EIN can be done without an attorney, it is smart to have legal representation by your side in case an issue arises. An attorney can assist with contracts for employment as well as business dealings, helping you to avoid any lawsuits or provide a defense if you are sued in the future for some reason.

Overall, an attorney is not needed to help with an LLC formation or EIN filing. However, you can benefit from legal assistance in the future as your business expands.

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