How to Design the Best App for Your Company  

So you have decided to design a mobile app for your company. Now the question is to how to go about doing it. You will need a professional app designer to create the software. Apps are not websites. Designing them requires a different set of skills. So, if you are confused about how to create a good app, here are some helpful tips:

Choose a Simple and Clean UI

The golden rule of app development is that the user interface should be simple and free of unnecessary clutter. Having a clean user interface is even more important than for websites. Smartphone screens are smaller than computers’, and users navigate using thumbs. Therefore, it’s important to keep only the necessary components on the user interface.


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Keep Clickable Components Big

Remember, people user finger taps for clicking on items. Therefore, the buttons, clickable links, tabs, and other such components should be big enough for a finger tap. Users find it very difficult to tap on small components. Additionally, there should be some space between each clickable component. You don’t want users to click one and end up accidentally tapping the next button as well. That is very annoying and users will soon start hating your app.

Navigation Must be Effortless

Your app should be easy to navigate by scrolling down with a finger. Do not make the app interface big so users have to move the screen from side to side. Users will flip pages from side to side, but will not hold finger and move them. Therefore, everything must fit on screen and scroll down. Don’t let your users overwork to navigate your page. Navigation must be absolutely pain free.

Implement One-Click Checkout

You must make checkout as easy as possible on your mobile app. Most smartphone users are compulsive buyers. If checkout is difficult, they could change their minds before making the purchase. Therefore, implement one-click checkout to increase purchases per user. Also, smartphone users often shop while waiting or travelling. They will certainly not have the patience for a long and complicated checkout process.

Use Graphics, But Not Excessively

Graphics are important for mobile apps. However, do not overuse graphics. Do not stuff the display with images. Keeping with the rule of having a clean interface mentioned above, have only a moderate number of pictures. They should load fast and not interfere with navigation and tapping.

Understand the “Thumb Friendly Zone”

Smartphones have this region called the “thumb friendly zone”. It’s the area of the screen most accessible to a user’s thumb. For a right handed user (between 70 to 90 percent of your users will be right handed) this zone is in the bottom left corner. You should put the most important components of your app, like the ‘buy’ button, ideally in this thumb friendly zone. However, it’s a speculative area that will vary depending on the size of the smartphone screen. The bigger the screen is, the smaller the thumb friendly zone will be.

Text Must be Easy to Read

Make sure that all text on the app is big enough and easy to read. Users should not be forced to strain their eyes and keep screens close to their faces to read the text on the app. Try to offer options to adjust the size of the text. Your visually challenged buyers will appreciate it.

Also, do not forget to reach the app creation guidelines offered by Android and iOS developers. Apps will significantly differ depending on the OS.

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