5 Ways To Bridge the Practical Technology Gap

The technology gap that people have to work with these days is quite interesting. Basically it encapsulates the difference between what you know how to do, and the capabilities thereof, and what you know can be done, and the infrastructure to make that happen. And it”s a very common riddle that has a few different types of solutions.

For instance, you can hire an infrastructure specialist or company, brush up your personal knowledge of the latest technological advances, focus your efforts on specific technologies rather than technology in general, go social and invite feedback into your loop, or simply approach it by recognizing generational differences is tech knowledge.

Hire an Infrastructure Specialist of Company

If your company (or idea, product, or brand) is hitting a plateau because of infrastructure issues, an easy solution is to hire people who specialize in infrastructure jobs. Semantically, it”s an obvious choice, but without knowing what your problem is specifically, it might be difficult to find what company to turn to at vital decision-making points. And sometimes it”s a head-scratches looking up IT companies and figuring out what it is they do exactly. And yet, those are the companies that you”ll need to hire to bridge that gap.

Brush Up With the Latest Tech Info

On a personal level, you can subscribe to knowledge websites that take you step by step through some of the latest tech advances. Especially when it comes to software, these subscription sites will give you the latest information, almost down to the week, and tips and tricks for making it all work with you instead of against you.


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Focus On Specific Technologies

It can be easy to get lost in trying to learn everything about technology to make your company run more smoothly. There”s a built-in trap to that scenario. The more your try to learn about everything, the further you”re going to get behind, simply as a matter of time management. But, if you approach your tech deficiencies by specializing in learning knowledge just about a single topic, that can be much more helpful to you in terms of sheer depth.

Go Social and Invite Feedback

A gap in your knowledge can also be helped by going social. Put your problems out on social media networks. Give specifics about your problems, and shorten your feedback loop. Test out ideas on your personal and professional counterparts that are already part of your network, and watch how quickly things improve.

Recognize Generational Differences

Sometime the technology gap is going to be a matter of generational comprehension. Older generations may have become comfortable with email, but aren”t comfortable with mobile phone notifications yet. And the newest generation are so familiar with instant messaging power that that may not be patient with certain business utilities. So sometimes bridging the technology gap will simply be about having different ages of people talk about preferred communication styles.

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