5 High Tech Gadgets For Your Motorcycle Ride

The joy of riding requires very little technology, and the raw feeling of the road beneath you cannot be made more perfect by technology.  There are, however, many high tech additions to your riding experience that will make the journey more exciting and enjoyable.

If you’re looking for the newest, most efficient way to ride, then you’ve stumbled upon information gold.  Check out a brief look at some of the best high tech gadgets for your motorcycle ride.

Akari AX-12 Visor Insert

Fidgeting with your helmet while the sun is blinding you isn’t the safest way to switch from clear to tinted on your visor.  Akari offers a new, safer solution to this common issue for riders.  The AX-12 Visor Insert by Akari gives you the ability to make the switch with the simple touch of a button.

Using LCD technology, the brow-vented shield will switch your visor from clear to dark at a super fast speed.  The battery powering the technology is rechargeable via USB, and it will last for up to 40 hours.


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Bikemaster Multi Tool with Sockets

When you’re a motorcycle rider, you understand the value of mechanical skills.  Before you make your decision to purchase a new motorcycle, make sure you have the proper tools to maintain all that metal.

The Bikemaster Multi Tool, equipped with sockets, is small enough to fit in your pocket and strong enough to fix a multitude of mechanical issues on the fly.  Getting stuck on the road without a multi tool is the equivalent of riding naked. You just don’t do it.

Icon Urban Tank Bag

If you need a travel bag that’s just as tough as you are, then you’ll want an Icon Urban Tank Bag.  The bag is designed to mount magnetically to your bike, and it can serve as a backpack, helmet bag, cargo carrier, and more.

The Icon Urban Tank Bag is made of waterproof material, so your stuff will stay dry in a downpour.  The magnets are also padded with neoprene to prevent scratching your bike, so you can just lock on and ride.

Xena XX6 Alarm Disc Lock

Stealing a motorcycle isn’t the toughest feat in the world, so it’s your job to make it tougher.  The Xena XX6 Alarm Disc Lock will get the job done every time.

The device has a built-in alarm equipped with shock and motion sensors and a body that is ice spray proof.  The thieves will have quite a hard time taking your bike when you have the Xena alarm equipped and armed.

Sena 10C Bluetooth Camera & Communication System

If you want to communicate and catch all the live action on camera as you ride, the Sena 10C Bluetooth Camera and Communication System gives you a safer way to get it all done.  This camera is waterproof for filming in the rain, and it will grab the gnarliest footage for all the motovloggers out there.

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