5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers

With the holiday season just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about what kinds of gifts you’ll buy your friends and family members. If you want to make a great impression on the people that you love, it’s best to buy something that tickles their individual interests.

If you have the same interests, it can be easy to choose a gift they’ll love. However, if you’re not a gadget-savvy person, it can be especially challenging to choose a gift for tech lovers. To help you make the best purchase that your lovable techie will be thrilled to receive, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for you this Christmas.


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Portable Printer

People that love photography and digital graphics usually also love printing their creations. Even if large scale printing may be their usual go-to, there’s something to be said for portability.

A portable printer makes a fantastic gift for photographers on the go who want the convenience of printing anywhere in the world. Not only does it provide the convenience of printing wherever you want, but you also have the added perk of printing whenever you want. Immediate gratification is an exciting feature when you’re eager to see your digital creations take physical form.

VR Headset

The only thing better than reality is virtual reality. As technology advances more and more, virtual reality is getting closer and closer to the real thing. In addition to seeming more realistic than ever, VR is now more affordable than ever.

Consider gifting a virtual reality headset that transforms users into a new realm. Whether they use it for video gaming or training simulation, it can make a fantastic gift for tech lovers.

Robot Vacuum

Once upon a time, the idea of a robot cleaning your house was only something that you saw on The Jetsons. Fast forward to the year 2019, and you really can have a robot that will clean your home for you!

While it may not wear a cute maid dress or make jokes, it will definitely get the job done. A robot vac makes the perfect gift for the neat-freak techie who hates cleaning but loves things being clean.

So, how does it work? These little self-driving vacuuming map out a virtual floor plan that memorizes where in your house it needs to go. You can even program it to avoid certain parts of your house to prevent anything fragile from getting knocked over.


Google has made digital streaming faster and the least space-consuming ever with the invention of the Chromecast. Simply plug into your television’s HDMI port, and you can control it with any phone or tablet. For Netflix and Hulu lovers, its a must!

A Quality Desktop

A computer is a must-have for techies. If your techie doesn’t have one yet or is planning to replace their old one, why not buy a quality desktop as a holiday gift for them? Desktops are especially useful now since a lot of people are having online classes or working from home. Sure, a laptop allows you more freedom and mobility, but most units have limited ports and aren’t as powerful as a desktop is (unless you have the high-end ones). Do check the desktop specifications to find the desktop model that best fits your techie’s needs.

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