10 ways to use IP geolocation databases

Ever since Internet services have been in need of location services, the IP Geolocation has been quite important parameter. IP Geolocation assumes a whole lot of importance as it helps in several services that include location based advertising, sharing information on local events, automatic selection of languages and region specific websites and in order to restrict the content that region specific. There are several companies that that build a database of IP addresses by mapping them against geographical location. How useful are these IP Geolocation Databases? Where would you be able to use them? Let us check out in the following paragraphs.


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10 Ways to Use IP Geolocation Database

What is IP Geolocation Database? We have explained the concept and the needs for an IP Geolocation Database. There are several databases available and you can download them easily. These databases are used by websites and services for a few purposes. What are the application areas that would find IP Geolocation Databases? We will explain in the following paragraphs.

Localised Content

Advertisement that does not reach the proper audience has no value. IP Geolocation would help you market the content to the exact customer who would be interested in your content. Not only ads, but the any other content regionalised with your location.

Managing Your traffic

IP database also lets you indulge in effective traffic management or traffic filtering. You can use the attribute to allow or disallow the traffic from any particular country to your site.

Taking Care of Online Frauds

Online stores have been the in thing these days and IP Geolocation can be the best option for the purpose. The concept can be of practical use in checking whether the IP address and the delivery location are too far away. If that happens, it could be a clear indication of fraud.

DRM Management

Streaming has become a most used feature. But, what about the content that isn’t allowed in certain regions? The best option would be to make use of IP geolocation. You can restrict the content from being delivered to an IP address where the content is restricted.

Exports and IP Addresses

Fraud prevention is a part of what can IP Geolocation would be helpful. That assumes even more importance in case of exports. You can download the free geolocation database and detects a customer who is trying to hide his identity.

Optimised Pricing

Online retailers have different pricing for different regions. IP Geolocation can go a long way in letting you know the region so that you can offer an effective pricing. It will also be helpful in coming up with proper taxation.

Web Analytics

Web page analytics involves analysing website traffic. It could be of much importance to understand the traffic from each region. The IP Geolocation would help you know better about the demography of your visitors.


You may not be happy with visitors from some specific countries. You may have your own reasons. It could either be because of the government restrictions or due to the fear from server attacks. IP Geolocation can help you achieve the task effortlessly.

Geology Based Ads

We have already talked about this. Having the knowledge about the geological location your visitors would help you handle the customised ads being served to them. This can result in enhanced clicks and subsequently better revenue.

Law Enforcement

Content streaming is what would exploit the options and stream the content to locations that it is not meant for. There are several other regulations that would restrict content delivery to some regions. IP Geolocations can help you agree to the rules.

In Conclusion

Well, that would conclude our compilation of what you can put out IP Geolocation to your benefit. The IP Geolocation databases can be quite helpful in addressing several issues that may be plaguing your content delivery as also it would be helpful in managing your services in an effective manner.

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